Sig Sauer 28803 GSR 1911 C02 BB Air Pistol, Black


Sig Sauer 28803 GSR 1911 C02 BB Air Pistol, Black




  • Fully licensed Sig Sauer gsr 1911
  • Includes laser, safety glasses, and 250 steel bbs
  • Semi-automatic
  • Co2 powered 394 FPS
  • Full plastic

SIG has been making guns for more than 150 decades. The SIG has a superb set of sights. SIG might also have been in a position to have a bigger part of the industry but they at the time proved perhaps the priciest pistol in the market used by law enforcement. Sig also states the total grip circumference is also reduced, but I do not own a particular quantity of reduction. SIG also made a P226 with precisely the same theme. SIG etched the rear of the magazine to ensure we do it correctly. Craftsmanship there’s something about the SIG which appears to help it become better quality, and it’s probably why it costs significantly more.

As stated previously, SIG’s P226 is absolutely an all-time favorite. The SIG Sauer P226 is normally much like the former P220 except a slightly different form and greater capacity double-stack magazine. To sum up, the Sig Sauer P226 is a significant platform for new and seasoned shooter. The KWC Sig Sauer P226 is possibly one of the least expensive options, and is only about $15 based on the place you purchase it.

No gun can compensate for deficiency of training. Prior to making any decision, it is better to try both guns. Of course it is possible to get any gun you want, irrespective of brand reputation, but it’s generally wise to read reviews and trust the companies which have been popular for many years. If you need a great high quality spring gun without paying much, here are a couple of recommendations.


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