Scope Rings 1″ Diameter .22 Dovetail 3/8th” Rail – High Profile 22 Airgun 1 Inch


Scope Rings 1″ Diameter .22 Dovetail 3/8th” Rail – High Profile 22 Airgun 1 Inch




  • These Accushot Scope Rings will attach to Dovetail ( 3/8th” ) Rails found on most .22 Rifles and Airguns. 1″ Diameter Rings in a High Profile. Rings also feature a Stop Pin, and 4 Locking Bolts for a Rock Solid Mount.
  • Precision Machined from Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy with Anodized Black Matte Finish
  • Complete with Stop-pin for Rock Solid Application
  • Ring Base Designed with Locking Hex Screws to Tightly Fit on Mounts with Airgun/.22 Dovetail Dimensions
  • Reversible Locking Plate to Fit Full Range of Airgun/.22 Rails

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Scope looks decent visually. If you need a scope, you want to focus on the gun’s capacity to accept one. If you would like a scope, you want to understand that you can’t toss any old scope on a rifle. Based on the sort of hunting, different scopes are essential on account of the size of the animal together with the location.

The caliber you choose commonly dictates what’s done with that. These calibers are better employed for hunting medium and big game. Spring piston rifles generate a reverse recoil. In the end, you would like a gun that’s going to work with you and hit your target, which is precisely why a great deal of research has to be accomplished so you could make sure you’re getting something which will do the things which you would like. While historical air guns are made particularly for warfare, contemporary air guns may also be deadly. The rifle also includes an adjustable match trigger. If it comes down to buying the correct air rifle for your particular needs, you’ve got to consider air rifle mechanisms, their advantages, and their limitations.


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