RWS Model 54 .22 Caliber Pellet Air Gun Combo with 4×32 Scope


RWS Model 54 .22 Caliber Pellet Air Gun Combo with 4×32 Scope



  • Includes 4×32 Scope with Mount
  • Safety Type: Automatic
  • Power:¬†Spring Piston
  • Barrel Type: Rifled
  • Caliber: .22 Pellets


All these rifles have small caliber bullets, with lots of of powder behind them. A survival rifle ought to be rugged, and mechanically easy. You shouldn’t choose a gun with a curb weight of over 7 pounds. The gun isn’t working right, thus we take it apart to learn why. A pneumatic gun is intended to work in a specific pressure margin.

Shooting the Wing Shot is a great deal of fun and I could observe the way that it would be a rather effective brush gun after you get accustomed to the aiming. Bear in mind you will have only a single shot and that a reload will take some moment. Just be mindful that your rst shot must count since you won’t get another chance. It’s a single shot, which takes plenty of the is-that-magazine-empty anxiety from the instructional approach. Super long shots are likewise not very likely either.

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