Rebel Air Rifle W/ 4X20 Scope


Rebel Air Rifle W/ 4X20 Scope



  • caliber: 0.177,velocity: 480 fps
  • Skeletonized Composite Stock,Sporter “Grade” trigger with automatic safety.
  • 4×20 scope and mounts,Action: Break-Barrel, Ammo Type: Pellets and Muzzle Brake
  • Overall Length: 47.25″,Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty


If you like hunting take an air rifle beside you on the following hunt. Winning the air rifle proved to be a little victory, but it is going to assist with our confidence. You might have heard of a break barrel air rifle, but you might not be conscious of what one actually is.

Unlike conventional firearms, air rifles are rather quiet, have minimum recoil, and because they’ve limited range, are not as likely to create dangerous stray bullets that could impact nearby residential places. It’s also crucial that you select air rifles whose ammunition is often offered. You may think that air rifles are just toys. It isn’t surprising that you’re interested in purchasing an air rifle. Air rifle is necessary by those who are engaged in shooting. Break barrel air rifles are extremely common.

In some instances, air guns could possibly be allowed for the rest of the jobs but not for defense. Therefore, acquiring an air gun can spare you from mischief. It’s possible to have an air gun over the 1 joule limit however, you will want to submit an application for a firearms permit from the local Garda superintendent.

Co2 guns will provide you with the recoil free action of a pcp that’s an amazing advantage over spring guns concerning accuracy particularly for the less experienced air gunner. Multi-pump pneumatic guns are perfect for folks who have many diverse uses for their airguns. Pump your Webley Rebel air rifle two or three times, and you’ll have a wonderful little plinking gun.


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