M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle, Full Scale Airsoft Gun, High Power Long Range


M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle, Full Scale Airsoft Gun, High Power Long Range



  • Full-scale replica of M14 automatic rifle compatible with 6mm BBs
  • Looks, feels, weighs, and functions just like a real M14 rifle, but safer
  • Velocity of 280 to 300 fps, with range of 120 feet
  • Includes adjustable hop-up and speedloader
  • 37-round magazine; comes with barrel cleaning rod


A gun is intended to be fired at something or someone with the purpose of harming that object or person. Which also suggests it can be fully automatic, exactly like an airsoft gun can, it’s only a huge airsoft gun, although it isn’t shooting anything soft. To put it simply, the ideal airsoft gun in the marketplace is in fact the one which best suits your goal.

One which you get into playing Airsoft a bit more, you will discover that you need to carry around lots of things. Airsoft isn’t a dangerous sport so long as everyone playing understands safety and respect. Moreover, it used to be quite an expensive sport, but thanks to the advent of modern manufacturing technology, airsoft guns can be produced at a much cheaper rate and at a higher quality. King arms Airsoft intends to bring the ideal airsoft guns through a practice of idea generating, planning, designing to manufacturing which permits them to bring quality goods at minimal price tag.

Your gun is just good as long because you can fire it. Now you know how to choose airsoft guns properly, it is the right time to pick up the appropriate gear and get started playing immediately. Picking the very best airsoft gun in the marketplace can be a hard and tedious job, particularly if you aren’t even certain what you’re searching for.

The gun will come first in addition to some extra batteries or gas canisters and a great deal of ammo too. Before you purchase an airsoft gun, don’t forget to look at any gun restrictions applicable in your region. There are numerous airsoft guns on the industry at this time under $200 that are extremely accurate and shoot well over 350 FPS.


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