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LVLing® Premium Hi-Profile Airgun .22 Ring for 1-Inch Scope


LVLing® Premium Hi-Profile Airgun .22 Ring for 1-Inch Scope


  • Precision Machined from Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy with Anodized Black Matte Finish.
  • Complete with Stop-Pin for Rock Solid Application.
  • Ring Base Designed with Locking Hex Screws to Tightly Fit on Mounts with Airgun/.22 Dovetail Dimensions.
  • Reversible Locking Plate to Fit Full Range of Airgun/.22 Rails
  • Great Quality at Most Affordable Price


Stainless steel includes a more significant quantity of chromium. Thus, the kind of steel matters a good deal! Mild steel is a kind of alloy steel that has high quantity of carbon. First and foremost point to know mild steel isn’t the exact same as steel or stainless steel!

Even in the event the pistol falls on a tough surface, the firing pin isn’t going to strike the primer. So after you have your rifle zeroed in, you will be in a position to hit your target every moment. If you’re thinking of purchasing an air rifle, first you have to do research on the choices available to you, and the way to create the best of it. Air rifles are products that you could carry without a particular permit. Much like all guns, you have to determine which ammo the gun likes the very best and then get all you can find of that ammo so that you don’t need to continually re-zero your rifle. With these guns looking like the actual thing, consumers have to be mindful because this air gun may be an issue in the opinion of the law. Co2 guns will provide you with the recoil free action of a pcp that’s an amazing advantage over spring guns regarding accuracy particularly for the less experienced air gunner.


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