Hatsan Mod 25 Supercharger Vortex Airgun, Black


Hatsan Mod 25 Supercharger Vortex Airgun, Black



  • Max Velocity – 850 FPS alloy/700 FPS lead
  • Max energy – 10 ft. lbs.
  • 2-stage adjustable Quattro trigger
  • Recoil reduction Stock
  • 1/2 inch UNF thread-on cocking aid included

Ultimately it’s going to decide a lot on what you would like to do with the gun and how much you wish to spend. If you own a gun then you’re probably also trying to find a rifle scope to earn your shooting more accurate. It’s a potent gun and can put lots of punch behind a 14g pellet.

The way to consider about a Rifle scope is the fact that it operates on the exact sameprinciple as telescopes. Just be certain when looking that rifle scopes that you are totally conscious of whatever it’s you’re looking into. These types of rifle scopes will also typically arrive with some sort of warranties. What makes it different from the majority of other scopes in this price range is the fact that it includes a magnification of 4-12x and that usually means you’re able to easily target wild deer or whatever you’re shooting several hundred meters away and it’ll show crisp and clear.

Don’t neglect to observe the way the coatings can handle water. Many coatings are used on rifle scopes as a way of protecting them and ensuring they can be helpful in many weather conditions. You must compare the coatings of unique scopes that you could hold and then locate an option that will stay protected while also supplying you with a transparent sight of whatever you’re aiming at.


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