Gamo 61100073154 Whisper CFR .177 Caliber Air Rifle with Noise Dampener


Gamo 61100073154 Whisper CFR .177 Caliber Air Rifle with Noise Dampener



  • Velocity: 1100 feet per second (FPS) with pba Platinum ammo,
  • 177 Caliber Whisper CFR Air Rifle with 3-9x40AO air rifle scope
  • Fixed barrel, spring Piston, automatic single cocking safety System
  • Trigger: second stage Adjustable, manual Trigger safety
  • Length: 46.85 inches, Barrel Length: 20 inches, non-removable noise dampener


Seriously, if you have a gun, would you ever really use it in order to defend yourself. When cleaning the gun it ought to be unloaded too. The German Maxim machine gun was fed by means of a fabric or metallic belt, which makes it an incredibly effective automated weapon, its relatively compact size also made it hard for the enemy to destroy.

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The issue of gun violence has to be addressed not just for the security of the citizens of the United States of america, but also for the prosperity of the nation too. The problem of gun control has been intensely debated in the united states through the years. There are a few troubles with making the connection, however, that should be cautiously considered. If for some reason there’s any problem with the buy, please get in touch with us prior to leaving feedback, we will be pleased to work together and offer a satisfying solution.


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