double eagle spring silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)


double eagle spring silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)



  • Spring Powered Action
  • Built in Hop-Up System
  • Working Safety Switch
  • Velocity = 300 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 14 BB’S # Size: 13.5 Inches Long


Even in the event the pistol falls on a difficult surface, the firing pin isn’t going to strike the primer. These pistols are rated as the best pistols that you can see in the world wide web. This excellent spring pistol includes a screw on silencer so that you can easily put it on or off. This superb spring airsoft pistol has a screw on silencer so it is easy to put it on in the event that you’re in the mood for a more stealthy appearance. Here are only a few of the ideal airsoft spring pistols that you’re able to get for around $20 to $30.

To stop the trouble you should get the guns that are common. Always ensure you buy the guns from dependable stores. This Airsoft gun is the best gun for anybody just getting their start on the planet of Airsoft.

The gun is quite great to be used for thousands of shots without a cleaning between. As mentioned before, this gun isn’t field ready because of its low performance. It may not be the ideal high quality gun available, but for the price it’s very nice especially because it includes a mock suppressor.

The guns do not demand any gas or batteries to operate, they’re prepared for action right from the box. Also, it is a gun which might be easily concealed and is ideal for self defense requirements on the move. This gun isn’t serviceable and does not arrive with a warranty of any type. Although due to its realistic look and features, it is a great choice for use in film productions or as a great display piece. It makes a great display piece but do not belong on the field.


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