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Double Eagle Pump Airsoft Shotgun Sawed Off Gun w 6mm BBs BB – 320FPS


Double Eagle Pump Airsoft Shotgun Sawed Off Gun w 6mm BBs BB – 320FPS

  • Powerful 320 FPS, Accurate to 100 Feet, Full Size 21.5″ Long
  • Shooting Mode: Spring PUMP (no batteries or gas required)
  • Includes 50 Rounds of AMMO and Speed Loader
  • Detachable 19 Round Magazine, Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Metal Barrel for Accuracy, Faux Wood Stock and Grip


If you intend to just apply your shotgun for target practice or you are wanting to conserve money, spring airsoft shotguns (aka pump shotguns) are your smartest choice. Our airsoft shotguns are dependable and effective tools for a number of airsoft combat scenarios. The sort of airsoft shotgun you select will also have an immediate effect on the distance yours shots will fire.

Just wanting to have a gun isn’t enough. There are three major forms of Airsoft guns, and a lot more still under construction. They are widely available in many different makes and models. Owning airsoft guns is legal in virtually every country on earth.

You may even start looking for guns if you believe you should take part in hand-to-hand combat. Airsoft guns are normally employed for recreational purposes. Set your head on how much you would like to spend on the Airsoft gun before you start to get a cool airsoft gear. Airsoft guns are definitely the most critical part of airsoft. They have been around for many years and have come to be one of the favorite tools of the weekend warrior. A number of the airsoft guns are made in Japan and China although the selling and distribution are restricted. There are two sorts of automatic airsoft machine gun.


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