Colt Single Action Army 45


Colt Single Action Army 45 .177 Pellet Nickel Air Pistol



Colt Single Action Army 45

Colt Single Action Army 45 is inspired from Colt Peacemaker. Fixed front sight and full metal body defines its look. It is a traditional six shoot pellet piston. If offers you the most realistic revolver action. It may feel like having a regular gun at some point. It is just a 2 pound gun. It comes with an impressive fps rating of 410 for just over $100. It has a unique loading mechanism amongst CO2 revolvers. Unlike most firearms, the cylinders do not pop out. Every shell has to be loaded separately on right side of cylinder. To rotate the cylinder, the hammer must be pulled to half-cocked state. Another rotation can load an entire shell or remove the empty ones. Since shell are loaded one by one, speed loader is not an option.

There are some good deals in the Amazon link, we have mentioned. You can get both BB and pellet version at cheap prices. The barrel length of the gun is 6.75 inches. The sights are accurate up to 50 yards. You can enjoy 60 and more shots with one CO2 cartridge. Consider this your most realistic appearing western plinker. This is the most perfect replica like everything else. It is as light as it is precise. It is stylish to carry around and the kind of engineering if offers is awesome. Colt has once again outdone itself with this gun. It doesn’t get better than holding this gun in your backyard shooting range.


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  • All metal frame
  • Realistic revolver action
  • 6-Shot Pellet pistol
  • Fixed front sights
  • 177 single action


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