CenterPoint 3-9X40Mm TAG-Style LR3942 Air Rifle Scopes


CenterPoint 3-9X40Mm TAG-Style LR3942 Air Rifle Scopes



  • Rugged 1″ Nitrogen filled tubes, 100% Waterproof, Shockproof, Fog proof
  • Tool-free windage and elevation adjustment
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Includes lens covers and Picatinny rings
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The CENTERPOINT bullet drop reticle is a simple and effective answer to eliminate hold-over estimating. It takes the guesswork out of aiming to provide pinpoint long-range accuracy. By matching ammunition ballistics to the placement of the crosshairs on the TAG reticle, the need for estimation and lengthy calibration is eliminated. Once your distance is established, simply place the pre-calculated aiming points on your target for a precise shot. The TAG reticle accommodates distances out to 600 yards and is factory calibrated for the most popular bullet/load combinations. The TAG Series offers reliable rifle scopes that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding hunters and shooters. Every scope in the line comes standard with the new TAG bullet drop compensating reticle and can easily be calibrated to any bullet/load combination and accommodate distances out to 600yds. Featuring crisp, clear optical systems, specially formulated multi-coated lenses and rugged 1″ tubes, these scopes deliver high-end performance without the high-end price.

Now, it’s only up to you to choose which scope is going to be your next shooting tool. Military scopes typically utilize x10, but your scope might differ. Centerpoint 3-9X40Mm Scope will decidedly be a nice and useful tool to get on your rifle.

After the range is clear, inspect the target. When it is clear, announce you are ready to fire. A scopes adjustment range is dependent upon the magnification.

Notice in case the reticle seems to move upon the target. 1 thing to point out about this reticle is that it isn’t the conventional mil dots. First focal plane reticles are offered in select models.

The most significant thing about zeroing a rifle is that you would like to get rid of the user-error. The rifle includes a 3-9x32mm riflescope and rings. The rifle has a 3-9x32mm riflescope. The rifle features 11mm scope rail, so you are able to mount all of your favorite accessories. Try unique settings to see which is the very best for your rifle. Then, the air rifle is prepared to fire. Air rifles with gas pistons are simpler to cock.

Your scope should offer generous eye relief for additional ease of usage. Combine a middling range with a little target, and the demand for a properly set scope gets clear. All recent CenterPoint scopes are created with the reticle on the 2nd focal plane.


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