Browning Buck Mark URX Air Pistol .177″


Browning Buck Mark URX Air Pistol .177″



  • Spring piston breakbarrel
  • Single-shot and rifled barrel
  • Only 19.8 lbs. cocking effort
  • Fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight
  • Integrated Weaver rail


It’s still true that you need the scope to be in a position to move back and forth in addition to rotate. The scope wasn’t properly aligned on my very first few tries. To create any air rifle work that’s best for you, you have to equip it using a suitable scope. The perfect air gun scope includes advanced optics along with rugged, durable pieces.

Iron sights might be dependable backup if your other ways of aiming fail. Pick the form of iron sight you wish to install. You’re able to choose between sights that are mounted near the back of the rifle (like a rear peep sight) or sights that are mounted close to the front part of the rifle, on the barrel (like an aperture front sight). Also bear in mind that different sights are mounted in various ways.

You don’t need to shim the scope, it only works better shimmed. The two types of scopes are suited for different conditions. Rifle scopes can be eliminated and disassembled for cleaning. Picking the right rifle scope is important and ought to be the number one priority on your list.

Inspect your rifle and assess which regions of the rifle’s mechanism should be repaired. Check to ensure the rifle isn’t loaded. An excellent rifle is about the accessories and among the most important one is the scope. If you have a rifle that doesn’t have iron sights, it’s possible to add them yourself, but only as long as you’ve got the appropriate know-how. Between them both, air rifles can cause considerable damage to normal scopes promptly.


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