Beretta PX4 Storm .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun Pistol


Beretta PX4 Storm .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun Pistol



  • Single/double action
  • CO2 powered
  • Blow back repeater
  • Magazine holds BBs and pellets
  • 16 shots overall capacity
  • PX4 Storm 16-shot repeater
  • Accessory rail under the barrel
  • Shoots BBs or pellets
  • Weight: 1.6
  • Caliber: .177 Pellet
  • Kindly refer the user manual attached below for troubleshooting steps and instructions.


The rifle I tested was a mix of all 3 variants provided by Aero Precision. This rifle will help the purchaser in their shooting. So people may choose this rifle as it is fairly nice and it will permit you much superior accuracy. Individuals who will use this rifle they’ll observe this rifle is really solid and well build. Individuals will be quite happy with this rifle because this rifle will help in long distance shooting. This rifle is accurate and strong

After you’ve determined how you’re likely to use the gun, you will be in a position to select the correct air rifle, which will be able to supply you with the ideal experience! Still, it’s imperative to bear in mind the various types of guns. Should you ever find yourself confused by more than 1 Nerf gun, you might want to make your choice based on your pick of ammunition. As soon as you have determined how you wish to play, you should currently be able to pick among different forms of Nerf guns. No matter your fighting style, there’s a Nerf Gun for you. The very first thing you want to think about when purchasing a Nerf gun is your fighting style.


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