Benjamin Marauder

$664.90 $447.69

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle



  • Power source: PCP/CO2; Pellet capacity: single shot; Safety: bolt
  • Precharged Pneumatic, Adj. Comb
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty

The Marauder employs a match-grade, two-stage adjustable trigger that’s outstanding and has lots of leeway to please the the overwhelming majority of users with no additional modification. He or she is extremely quiet, but it is also quite powerful. The Benjamin Marauder is an amazingly strong and precise air rifle, It is among the most common pre-charged pneumatic air rifles readily available today. He or she is a serious rifle for those that are ready to handle its power. He or she is probably one of my favorite PCP air rifles.

Your gun is going to be returned with insured delivery and signature confirmation needed for delivery. The gun even has a particular adaptor that prevents dirt from going into the gun. Just adjust and let it set the way. It is also very balenced and easy to hold on target. It produces a great gun for shooting in the backyard or any place close to the neighborhood.

The air rifle is difficult to pass by and you’ll get to get an awesome shooting experience with it. It is critical to couple the air rifle with a suitable scope. The Benjamin marauder air rifle may be the upcoming huge thing on the planet of air-rifles, because it is professionally designed, user friendly, adjustable to an excellent extent, and offers competition grade accuracy with consistency.

Besides hunting, the air rifle may be used for plinking, target shooting in addition to pest control. These air rifles supply the practice at shorter ranges which will help you master your other guns. Today you can locate a massive selection of highly capable air rifles below the Benjamin name. If you’re long searching for the ideal PCP air rifle, it’s settled here!


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