Beeman Sportsman “Ram-XT” 1087 Air Rifle Combo with 4x32x 40mm


Beeman Sportsman “Ram-XT” 1087 Air Rifle Combo with 4x32x 40mm



  • Precision – Beeman Air rifles provide incredible accuracy up to 10 yards. This Air gun is able to shoot groupings that will be the envy of your friends
  • Features – includes thumbhole hardwood stock with ambidextrous cheek piece, 4×32 scope and mounts, Ported muzzle break, and two stage Adjustable trigger
  • Speed – this rifle shoots a 177 caliber Pellet that travels up to 1,200 feet per second
  • Affordable – the ram-xt offers many features normally found only in higher priced rifles
  • Options – the Beeman ram-xt Air rifle is also available in a 22 caliber 1087


The gun isn’t tough to use and easy to keep. Therefore you ought to be extremely attentive when using air guns. Air guns are quite a favorite alternative for young shooters because they are usually inexpensive, safe and easy to use and maintain. While historical air guns are created particularly for warfare, contemporary air guns might also be deadly. This kind of firearms had been in existence for centuries. Care for your air gun like it’s an actual firearm.

Rifles have an inclination to shoot at an increased FPS. This rifle boasts a lot of great features, but on the downside, cocking it’s going to take forty-two lbs of cocking effort and it’s very heavy, so consideration ought to be given to who will use it. This rifle is left up to twenty-five percent much easier to cock than the majority of other magnum rifles. Precision Beeman Air rifles give incredible accuracy up to ten yards. Nonetheless this kind of gun and ammo gets harder to get. A plastic gun can persist for an extremely long time with the suitable player. Do your research and truly understand your unique preferences and you’ll find the perfect airsoft gun to create the the majority of your effectiveness on the battlefield.

The rifle features automatic safety. Since the Girandoni Air Rifle was initially introduced in 1780s the technology of creating air gun was developed quickly. The absolute most powerful air rifle is also have the ability to deal with significant games, too. It’s a really competitive air rifle that has a good feel and robust performance at the buy price.


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