Beeman Sportsman Model QB78-22 Air Rifle


Beeman Sportsman Model QB78-22 Air Rifle



  • Precision – Beeman Air rifles provide incredible accuracy up to 10 yards. This Air gun is able to shoot groupings that will be the envy of your friends
  • Technology – there is no longer a need to cock a spring or compress a gas ram with Beeman co2 propulsion System. The simple, yet effective, design makes these highly accurate rifles
  • Speed – this rifle shoots a 22 caliber Pellet that travels up to 500 feet per second
  • Features – hard wood stock, C02 bolt action single shot, filled by two Standard 12 gram cartridges, front and rear sights, and two stage trigger with manual safety
  • Options – the Beeman QB78 Air rifle is also available in a 177 caliber QB78-22


My very first firearm was a Remington 551 autoloader which I hated. 1 thing to note however is that this isn’t the simplest air pistol to cock. It’s an incredibly competitive air rifle with a good feel and strong performance at the purchase price. Please do NOT order parts kits if you don’t know what you’re doing and understand the way the gun works. Air guns are quite a popular pick for young shooters since they are usually inexpensive, safe and simple to use and maintain. With that said, they worked closely to create some of the best air rifles including many products that are available on the market today. Finding the proper ammo is crucial to this, however, and again we see a failing with the gun in that in case you’re not utilizing the right ammo, you’re not likely to acquire the exact same outcomes.

If you have enough time and money, I would research switching over to something somewhat more high end. When there’s an issue with the gun, you will need to send it to the US importers in California. However, an error can happen in the listing and in that circumstance it is going to be the description and not the photo that is going to be the merchandise won.

Just take a shot and examine the target to observe where it hit. Teach them what makes an ideal target, good setup, storage and cleaning as you’re out at the scope. As he says, this isn’t a target-grade trigger, but it’s fine for hunting and basic plinking use by the majority of shooters.


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