BBTac M83 Airsoft Gun Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun 250 Fps


BBTac M83 Airsoft Gun Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun 250 Fps



  • Entry Level Airsoft Gun Package, with 10,000 BBs included, Ready to Play. BB Pellets Color chosen at random; Comes in either blue, orange, white, or yellow
  • Velocity of up to 200-250 fps, rechargeable battery-powered High Grade Electric motor driving the full auto shooting system
  • Included Rechargeable 7.2V Battery and Charger; Operate in Semi, Full Automatic and Safe Mode; 40 Round Capacity
  • Fully Loaded, Ready to Play Package – Includes electric red-dot sight, flashlight, and tactical accessories



Think Long Range You wish to go for a gun which not only fits your finances, but also makes you feel as if you’re sufficiently equipped and prepared to take on your enemies. If you want to get an airsoft gun only for fun filled activities then the ones with spring action is going to be a better choice. While browsing airsoft gun reviews in order to choose which spring gun is ideal for you, you will likely find a lot of enthusiasts on a single side, and others saying it’s a newbie gun on the opposite.

When you intend to obtain an airsoft gun, you want to take into account its usage and skill level of someone. Shooting an airsoft gun is a superb method to spend an afternoon and lots of people are enjoying the sport in a lot of different ways. Though it may not be real, its design and functional mechanism can be very similar to its actual counterpart. AEG Airsoft guns take advantage of an electric motor that’s powered by a rechargeable battery to supply the complete power of an automatic Airsoft gun.

The best kind of airsoft gun, nevertheless, is really likely to depend on what you’re using it for and what you’re trying to escape it. There are 3 popular forms of airsoft guns offered in the market like gas, electric, and spring. The majority of the gas-powered airsoft guns are offered in the shape of pistols.


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