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BB Gun Bear River Boa Dark Earth Tan CO2 Pistol Semi Auto Airgun Shoot .177 Cal 4.5mm Ammo


BB Gun Bear River Boa Dark Earth Tan CO2 Pistol Semi Auto Airgun Shoot .177 Cal 4.5mm Ammo

  • FEEL THE POWER OF A CO2 POWERED BB GUN. Don’t settle for a spring action gun when you can have power in your hands with CO2.
  • LONG RANGE FAST – Don’t be caught with a low powered gun. Be a cut above your competition. Get your ammo to your target faster with 410 FPS.
  • FAST ACTION – Flawless semi-automatic action. This beauty will fire as fast as you can pull that trigger. Never jams and keeps you shooting longer.
  • BE THE LAST TO RUN OUT OF AMMO – Never get caught empty handed. Huge 20 round clip that will give you the needed advantage over your competition.
  • MOUNT YOUR CHOICE OF ACCESSORIES to the bottom picatinny rail.


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