ASG DS4 CQB M4 AEG Airsoft Rifle with Red Dot Sight & Flashlight


ASG DS4 CQB M4 AEG Airsoft Rifle with Red Dot Sight & Flashlight



  • Semi-auto and full-auto firing modes
  • Rail integration system for accessory mounting
  • Red dot sight and tactical flashlight included
  • 3 Position crane stock
  • Battery and charger included


Bulky and heavy scopes can impact the truth of your shots. Other scopes provide reticles like the mil-dot reticle which may also be utilized to estimate range effectively with just a little math. An excellent scope will be able to help you hit that more compact target at medium range or a massive target several hundred meters out.

You would like your scope to mount easily to reduce damage due to difficult mounting and unmounting and to make your work easier. First things first, you should make a decision as to what scope you desire. You’re able to make use of these scopes to fulfill any endeavor. Scopes can be ideal for reaching those longer targets, but a decent reflex sight is the ideal solution for close quarters. Scopes are amaong the best methods to do this. These scopes are a few of the oldest and most typical scopes around. New Leupold VX-5HD scope includes wide collection of features and they’re High Definition OpticsLeupold VX 5 HD includes non-lead based calcium-fluoride lenses.

If you really need to turn into good at the game of paintball, becoming a superior marksman can truly help your team. After the game starts, the purpose is usually to eliminate the other players by shooting them X amount of times. Everybody in the game has some sort of pistol.


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