ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty Airgun


ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty Airgun




  • Elegant dual-tone finish
  • Barrel threaded for silencer
  • Dual-tone metal slide
  • Accessory rail
  • Realistic blowback

The pistol is entirely made from metal. This excellent pistol is a joy to use with lots of kick and strong feedback. It’s a hand-filling pistol that’s roughly the identical dimensions, though a different shape, than the renowned CZ-75. We do not advise it to be a skirmish pistol in the united kingdom, but may be utilised in woodland skirmishes in different nations legally. It’s reasonable to say this gun is styled after the actual CZ75 in the place of a replica. As I said, it is a hand-filling gun. Despite being an automated weapon, firing it like a machine gun isn’t a good concept, since the magazine is going to be emptied very fast.

Every gun purchase is quite personal. You may cancel any order which hasn’t been dispatched. We cannot accept returns, or honour warranty, of weapons that have been damaged via the use of innapropriate lubricants. If you’re on the lookout for something different from the remaining part of the crowd, be sure you have a look at the CZ 75. A huge majority of this replica is created of a metallic alloy.

Each mag has the CO2 cartridge and demands a flathead screwdriver tighten. We were unfortunately unable to test the CO2 magazines with this review as the SP01 was only supplied with a gas magazine within this particular circumstance. 1 issue which may be had from the very low slide profile is the dearth of volume for the hand to grip the slide when trying to move it.


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