airsoft-co2-metal-pistol-gun-500-fps-wg-1911-special-combat-601-w-free-12g-co2(Airsoft Gun)


airsoft-co2-metal-pistol-gun-500-fps-wg-1911-special-combat-601-w-free-12g-co2(Airsoft Gun)



  • Adjustable Rear Sight, Patented CO2 Cartridge Magazine, Functional Safety
  • CO2 Powered, Metal Slide & ABS Frame, Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Rail System, Realistic Heavy Weight, Non-Blowback
  • 16 RD Magazine, 1:1 Scale, FPS: 500 (With .12g BBs)
  • Working Hammer, 6 CO2 Cartridges Included, 12 x 7 x 2 (in), 2 lbs

The guns originated in Japan due to a ban on real firearms in the nation, and have come to be a favorite toy due to their relative safety. BB guns are helpful for shooting pests and little game. Examine the address you would like to ship the BB gun to. Place the foam backstop in the region you will sight-in the BB gun and set the paper target in the front of the backstop.

In case the gun was ever reported stolen any place in the usa, the officer will be in a position to inform you. Check that it is completely unloaded. Ensure that it is not loaded. Every time a loaded gun gets hot enough, it can fire alone.  Your airsoft gun is currently powered up. Airsoft guns may be used in an assortment of scenarios. Review the manual in case you have a gas-powered airsoft gun.

Antique guns can provide a fascinating glimpse into another time period. They are a special category under the NFA and do not have the same licensing requirements as other firearms. Unloading the gun is always the very first step that needs to be taken whenever you’re working on any form of firearm. Placing the gun in the vise grip permits you to continue to keep your hands free, so you can procure the cleaning done much faster. If possible, keep it safe in an area where it will not be readily noticed. Designed to fire small metallic round projectiles called BBs, Daisy guns can be found in several unique models, a few of which replicate actual firearms. Older Daisy BB guns may want to get restored because of absence of usage.


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