Air Venturi Crazy Eights Reset Airgun Target


Air Venturi Crazy Eights Reset Airgun Target



  • Eight 1.75″ twist-designed target paddles + reset paddle
  • Heavy duty 1/8″ thick paddles
  • Sturdy legs with original lock-in design for greater stability
  • Minimum distance: 10 yards; Maximum muzzle energy: 22 ft/lbs
  • Caliber guide: .177-caliber/1,000 fps, .20-caliber/800 fps, .22-caliber/800 fps


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Starting with a seating buck doesn’t signify that the exterior needs to be homely. The job isn’t tricky to do, either. If you’ve got moderate shade-tree mechanical skills say, enough to finish a valve-job on such V8 you can do all of the necessary wrenching using the instructions that follow. That could produce the game more entertaining. You could play almost the exact same game with only a normal pack of cards.

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