400FPS Pump Action P1799 Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun Gun 1:1 Scale


400FPS Pump Action P1799 Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun Gun 1:1 Scale



  • Spring Powered pump action Airsoft Rifle
  • ABS & Metal Construction, Safety and Fire Modes
  • Length: 36.5 inches, ABS plastic construction
  • FPS: 400 w .12mm BB’s / 350 w .20g bbs
  • This product is restricted from shipping to New York


Airsoft guns can be split into three distinct groups that are determined simply by how they’re powered. An airsoft gun is a huge means to understand how to properly and safely deal with a true firearm. At the same time, it is strong enough to warrant serious, sober handling and care. It’s essential when buying an airsoft gun that you learn how to repair and upgrade its internals. Whether shopping for you or as a present for somebody else, if you want to find a consistent, accurate and strong airsoft gun, not want to be concerned about an external power source running low, a pump, bolt or lever action spring powered airsoft gun is an excellent choice.

Spring guns are extremely dependable and extremely easy. They are the most basic type of airsoft gun on the market. Very good spring loaded airsoft guns might not be the fastest firing airsoft guns for sale, but they’re the a number of the very best, strongest and most consistent.

If you want to utilize your airsoft gun through the day, like during a competition, you’ll probably need to bring along a pre-charged pack or two. In addition, certain sorts of airsoft guns may have a substantial recoil and shot noise. As mentioned above, an airsoft gun isn’t very very likely to cause considerable injury. As one might anticipate, gas airsoft guns are quite somewhat pricier than spring airsoft guns.


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