315 FPS Scout Sniper Tactical Airsoft Rifle M82a1 Gun M107 with Red Dot


315 FPS Scout cM82a1 Gun M107 with Red Dot




  • MB1004 Red Dot Site
  • 315 fps Sniper Airsoft Rifle
  • 150 Round Magazine
  • LASER DETAILS: Class IIIA Laser, Max output < 5mW

Each area of the gun comprises other pieces also. It is first inspected to see if there is any debris that might cause the weapon to malfunction. It uses a foldable bipod to add to accuracy and stability while firing. Not many guns bring exactly the same power because this beast of a rifle does.

The rifle operates by way of the quick recoil principle. This rifle was created from the ground up to do the job. Given a normal BBE run, this rifle can be bought by the time Snake has to address Raging Raven. This rifle also has a removable bipod. If you’re on the lookout for a dependable Airsoft Sniper Rifle that’ll seem fantastic and execute the work even better, this is for you.

The barrel of the weapon is made of steel. Furthermore, the chrome-lined barrel will help it become a lot easier to wash. It has a 29-inch barrel.

The Scope provides the gun a good appearance, and actually it isn’t really sophisticated and ought to be simple to utilize for a beginner. It’s usually used with a normal telescopic sight with a ballistic grid, intended for a specific sort of bullet. There’s a flip-up iron sight for emergency use in the event of scope damage.


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