0.20g 2000 6mm Plastic Pellets /Airsoft Ammo / Airsoft Bullets / Bb


0.20g 2000 6mm Plastic Pellets /Airsoft Ammo / Airsoft Bullets / Bb




  • Quality .20 g ammo for your air soft gaming needs
  • The recommended BBs for high-powered air soft guns
  • Seamless 6mm plastic BBs
  • Greater accuracy than .12g air soft BBs


Whether you are searching for bullets to generate your shots more accurate, a speed loader that will help you shoot and reload faster, or a good gun, GoAirheads can assist you in finding it. The bullets are created of an extremely hard and noncompressible plastic material and therefore, do not absorb energy. All a bullet must do to be potentially lethal is break the epidermis, which occurs at various speeds for various bullets and distinct individuals. These bullets aren’t designed to be utilized in real guns.

With airsoft gun being a sensitive and elaborate buy, it’s important to educate yourself in regards to the topic beforehand. Which also suggests that it may be fully automatic, much like an airsoft gun can, it’s merely a huge airsoft gun, although it isn’t shooting anything soft. Moreover, airsoft guns feature numerous attachments, which we’ll discuss later. These days, they are mostly used by those, who want to shoot at targets with something very safe. Even though they are not capable of killing or heavily injuring the person, the basic safety precautions are necessary. If you are prepared to devote a small extra, it’s possible to obtain a really nice high-quality spring airsoft gun.


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