Precihole Px100 Achilles PCP Air rifle Unboxing, review and SHOOTING TEST!, [Music].[Music].[Music].here you can see the all-round view of.the gun it has great solid build quality.with no rattling or loose’s the bottom view in the side view.there’s a dust cover to prevent the dust.from getting into the filling hole and.the pressure gauge at the front the.trigger is very sensitive and the gun.has no record whatsoever the gun also.comes with a rubber buttstock that sits.very comfortably against your also has an 11 millimeter dovetail.rail to mount scopes on and even with.the hole for the arrestor pin of some.scope mounts and it has a manual well the filling probe is also.provided with a gun with a five by eight.inch male threading that you can fit on.your pcp pump you should use some teflon.tape to screw it in to prevent leakage.the gun gets bumped up to 200 bars of.pressure which equals 3,000 psi it’s at around 150 so we will up using a PC behind pump they down.the gun making sure that the side with.the cocking lever is up in the air turn the dust ring to reveal the.filling hole.[Music].then you take your fill adapter make.sure it’s clean and slowly without.pressure you fit it inside the filling.hole you can wobble it around a bit to.make sure it fits and then with it should fit in after it’s.probably fitted in you can begin pumping.with long even strokes after closing the.bleeder valve filling up the gun only.takes about five minutes which is.perfect because after five minutes you.should give the pump a break to prevent.heating up after the gun is completely.filled before removing the fill bleed the air using the bleeder.valve behind the pump once all the escaped you can slowly remove the.fill probe and put the dust cover back I.will now attach a scope with standard 11.millimeter reel mounts it’s as simple as.putting it on after loosening the screws.and then tightening the screws.afterwards.make sure the screws are tightened.evenly first tighten them lightly and.then tighten them properly afterwards.for shooting I’m gonna be using these.are WS super filled 8.4 grain pellets.the link for these pellets will be down.below in the description I bought them.from Eragon India to fill the mag you take the mag you.rotate it to the first hole hold it angle and drop the pellet inside.sometimes the pellets fall through and.this is one big – point but as long hold it at an angle and carefully.drop them in there should be no problem.[Music].once the magazine is fully filled you.can take the gun pull back the cocking.lever completely this is the fully open.position but if – in order to put the.magazine in you have to pull it further.back so that that little pin goes otherwise magazine will not fit in.properly so you pull it back more slide in the magazine with the.transparent side facing you and then you.slowly cock the gun it is now ready so you put on the safety by.pressing it on the left side in order the gun you press the safety from.the right side to make it unsafe take your aim and fire I am at about.20 yards away from my target.recog slowly push it back great a fire.three cock the gun slowly so you can.make sure that the pellet is properly.seated inside of the barrel it’s worth.noting that the gun is pretty loud.No.[Music].there are quit fired shots here’s.another five shots on a left target but.with more time taken per shot and here I.tried shooting at three coins from the.same distance of about 20 yards.[Music].overall the gun is absolutely amazing.and I’m very pleased with its.performance the build quality is.excellent and it shoots very precisely.the only negative thing I noticed was.the magazines loading issues with some.pellets as they slip out sometimes but.all in all I can only recommend this.product all links to all the stuff this video will be down below in the.description congratulations to Presley.whole India for creating the first.Indian PCP. This is one huge WordPress plugin.
Precihole Px100 Achilles PCP Air rifle Unboxing, review and SHOOTING TEST!
These extensions are quite awesome!! Follow @kel_vinoo on instagram, credits to him for the camerawork!
After receiving this Fantastic gun I had to make a review video on it.
The gun is Precihole’s Achilles Px100 PCP, an all Indian made PCP, readily available for online purchase on Precihole’s web store

The gun is simply amazing to shoot, and it’s the ultimate step up from regular springer air guns. I can only recommend it.

Stuff used in video:

PCP pump:

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(very fast delivery and great packing)

Scope (Also Ebay Germany):

Thanks for watching!