Pellet Power & Performance – FX Boss air rifle test on a fox’s head, [Music].Big-bore FAC air rifles are controversial
and the ownership complicated. Many people.hate them, especially on the Continent where
in countries such as Germany you can’t even.shoot a rat with a plinker, but these guns
do have a big following in the USA and Netherlands.where you don’t need a licence, and the larger
calibres are becoming increasingly in the UK..There has been a woods-worth of negative press
thanks to air gunners shooting larger and.larger game prompting the question: just because
you can, does it mean you should? Well today.we’re going to try and at least partly address
that issue. Will Roy feel confident shoot a fox with this .30-calibre FX Boss?.Before Roy points the FX at anything with
a heart beat we want to make sure there’ doubt about its accuracy. Then we’ll look
at its ability to kill animals outright. us through today’s experiments we’ve
invited along Phill Price, technical editor.of Airgun World and Airgunner magazines to
give us some specialist input and some air..The whole purpose of today is to see one the
accuracy and two if it is an air rifle you.can feasibly use in the field to shoot something
and we were thinking along the lines of possibly.a fox. Personally I have got my doubts using
FAC air rifles with animals up to the size.of foxes. What are your thoughts on it.It
is spectacularly accurate I would say that..We tested it up to 100 yards. It is probably
shooting at about an inch and a quarter. I.have never seen an airgun that accurate. However,
you have always got the trajectory to consider,.but it does shoot huge heavy 50 grain pellets,
huge amounts of energy and it is accurate..I think you have just got to be careful how
far you go with it..Would you confidently shoot a fox with an
FAC air rifle..With this I would. Yes, up to about 50 yards.
No doubt it would have pretty much the same.terminal affect as a rim fire. I wouldn’t
want to go any further than that..Before Roy points the FX at anything with
a heart beat, we want to make sure there doubt about its accuracy. Then we will
look at its ability to kill animals out right..We are going to kick off at around 50 yards
which is about the maximum range I am shoot foxes at with a .22 rimfire. We are
going to get them both zeroed there. We are.then going to drop the target back a little
bit and just see what the drop off is..At 50 yards the rimfire and the FX have no
problem hitting the centre of the target..At 60 yards, without holdover, it’s a different
story…So then we have moved back out to 60 and we
have got a hell of a drop off there. So just.within the ten yards we have just got two
and a half, three inches of drop, so that.really has fallen away quite a lot. So if
we move back up to the rimfire. So first shot.just flipping on the 10 there then at 50 we
have dropped about an inch. So if we had coming up you just bring it up a little
bit and aim at the top of his head. have got a lot more margin for error using
the .30 calibre air rifle..Right – time to move onto the fox heads and
Phill thinks the FX is going to deliver..At the right distance I am confident it will
penetrate the foxes skull. Clearly we know.the rimfires work. Enough people use them.
We have all done it. We know it is an effective.round. I think at short range the Boss is
going to give a good run for its money..We are going to try some with skin on, some
with skin off. We are going to be shooting.them all with different calibres. At 50 yards
we are going to do the sub 12ft/lb air 50 just to show how inefficient a sub 12ft/lb
air rifle would be at a fox. Just to is not something we recommend. We are going
to shoot the FAC air rifle which is pumping.out at about 77ft/lbs. So hopefully we are
going to get a full penetration. If it is.lodged in there we will try and have a delve
about and see what we can find. We will with a couple without skin on and then
we will leave a couple with skin on as well..We’re going to start with the Webley Raider
airgun in .22. The reason for using a sub.12 ft/lb air rifle is to show its weaknesses
not its strengths. It’s a fantastic tool’s not accurate enough or powerful enough
to kill a fox and certainly not at 50 yards..Roy has three shots at the target. One misses
the fox head completely but the other two.find the head..One shot has gone in near the eye. The other
looks like it might have bounced off the top.of the skull..This is quite soft here and it has entered
the socket behind the eye, but I am not quite.sure how far it has gone in. So we will open
that up and have a look.You can see here not sure whether it has penetrated here
or just skimmed the skull. So we will just.take back the first layer of muscle here and
we can actually see that the pellet has just.punched a small hole here. Obviously it hasn’t
gone anywhere else. I will just open that.up and see how far the pellet has gone in.
That really has surprised me from a .22. not overly happy as I would not want to
shoot a fox with a .22 like that. So I will.just open it up and see where these pellets
have tracked to. Here we go, look if we had.shot here on the fox, you can see the pellet
has gone in here just tracked along into the.soft tissue bearing in mind that is the weakest
part of the foxes skull. Just on the side.of the muzzle here, just in front of the eye
socket. All that pellet would have done really upset the fox, blinded it in the
right eye,.but it certainly wouldn’t have killed it.
That fox would have been running around in.a lot of pain and a lot of agony. Again that
just confirms I really would not want to shoot.a fox with a sub 12ft/lb air rifle at that
sort of range. We will just have a look inside.and see if we can see where the other pellet
has gone in here. Where are we, there we go.there is a shard of lead there. Yes, so what
the pellet has actually done it has broken.up. It has hit the foxes skull and the pellet
is actually split so just a shard of the pellet.has gone into the skull, but not penetrated
that deeply. It would have probably just and upset him a little bit. Although it
would have been writhing around again I would.not be confident that that would be an all
out kill shot. So that coupled with the that sort of range because the pellets
are being very affected very heavily by all.the external factors such as wind really just
goes to confirm I would not want to shoot.a fox morally or ethically with a sub 1
2ft/lb air rifle..Time for the FX boss. It does exactly what
Phill predicts – the skull has received a.devastating blow and the guys are impressed..The 77 ft/lb muzzle that is a lot of energy
at 50 yards that is still carrying a hell.of a lot of … I am really impressed just
how hard that hit. That is a humane kill..Without a shadow of doubt. You can’t really
question that. Huge difference between the.little .22 12ft/lb and you can feel here the
rest of the skull is absolutely shattered.from the impact and the energy transferred
through the skull. It is broken all the way.across here. So there is no way that fox would
be going anywhere..Finally let’s see what the .22 rimfire has
to offer. It again does the job efficiently.and there’s not much to separate the last
two rifles. There are some who wouldn’t use.a .22 rimfire on a fox at 50 yards..So comparibly to the sort of wind channel
we got from the air rifle it is pretty much.on a par really..Roy is convinced that with accurate range
finding , he would be happy to shoot a fox.with the FX out to 50 yards..I still can’t summarise from my own perspective
quite where it fits in because if you a rimfire you would probably use the rimfire
over using this..But there are people out there who just love
airguns, have got a slot on their ticket,.would want one. Who wouldn’t want a .30 calibre
air gun. It is a tremendous thing, is it better.than a rimfire? No..But as you say a fantastic piece of engineering
and works incredibly well..If you have any thoughts on FAC air rifles
please let us now and we’ll read out some.of the clean ones next week and if you want
to find out more information about the FX.Boss go to My magnificent brother says this plugin is smart!
Pellet Power & Performance - FX Boss air rifle test on a fox's head
I be mad for WordPress plugins, because they are the astonishing!! Roy Lupton wants to find out if a big bore air rifle is powerful enough and accurate enough to kill a fox cleanly. Using fox skulls and slow-mo filming we compare a sub-12-ft-lb Webley Raider in .22 against the FX Boss in 30 cal. against a .22 rimfire. To help us out we’re also employing the technical expertise of Airgun World and Airgunner magazine’s Phill Price. The results are dramatic and devastating.

This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain episode 197