PBBA Pro Air Rifle .308 Caliber – American Made Airgun Muscle by Terry Tate, [Music].alright guys we are out here in Kingman.Arizona we’re working with a new gun.from Terry tape professional big boy air.guns this is a 308.straight out hunting rifle this thing is.not meant to do anything but shoot and.that shoot long-range.[Music].[Music].now I’m new to this and I figured the.best way to really dial it in is go.ahead and run tethered so what I’ve got.on this bottle this is a standard carbon.fiber bottle with a DIN connector and I.bought from Joe Brancato this really.nice regulator it’s expensive but it.really works on this kind of stuff cuz.you open the bottle wide open and then.you just set your pressure and it just.maintains that perfect pressure for each.shot what I’m finding is that around.2,600 psi seems to be optimal I’m.shooting these 150 some odd grade and.bullets from Hunter supply these little.guys here we also tried the 118 but the.rifle shooting a little hot for that so.these bigger ones seem to be the ticket.so this is a like I said a straight out.hunting rifle it doesn’t have a gauge.it’s meant for just getting out shooting.long range of killing stuff if you’re.not running tethered filled with 3000.you get 4 to 5 shots this is designed to.do but tethered at this I could pretty.much shoot all day so I’ve got some.clays out there and so and a gong the.gong is exactly the hundred yards we’re.gonna walk our way out we got like 65.yards 85 yards 100 hundred ten hundred.twenty some so let’s see how we do here.that was a hit.[Music].and it didn’t even shatter that clay.yeah it’s just punched right through it.alright so here we go it’s – that was.two dots yeah okay so that must be.closer closer to a hundred than I.thought.yeah so and then a hundred yards.when pushing the inter-school.hey there we go look over yeah you were.definitely going under three and a half.okay so readjusting to the hundred and.ten I’m gonna hit that again man look at.Rock yeah it’s still swinging okay so a.half.[Music].another Hey look at that within an inch.of it yeah I mean that’s like yeah so.the wind is definitely pushing a little.bit for the left.that was definitely see I don’t know if.yell if you see only Cameron see the.scope with those shots hit like that.yeah they’re right next to each other.[Music].right man I’m just drilling the center.out of this place man.alright so let’s move on to the hundred.and ten which is just to the right so.three and a half a mile and so forth.yeah that should be a safe bet first try.yeah four bills so what a money to be.four and a half there we go yeah that.was tricky I think he clipped it but you.know I got him bottom bottom right the.center bottom left quarter 120 yards.though it is that is that is that’s.gonna be tough with anyway yeah that was.right though yeah that is so hundred.yards dead nuts yeah you could hold your.all down yeah and that is impressive man.that is something awesome I think what I.want to do to really kind of look at it.from a realistic perspective your take.this on honey I’m gonna set up a target.50 yards I’m gonna fill this to 3,000.and shoot like a five shot or a four.shot group at 50 and see what it does.and see what we get.because that’ll I think really.realistically a guy’s gonna be sitting.in his in a stand you gonna have a.feeder there you know you’re gonna set.it up 50 60 yards for a hog or something.and unjust way and that’s what this is.gonna be really ideal if you’re missing.but to know that you can reach out and.tack I mean does that is they’re all.hitting this in hundred that’s.impressive.that’s awesome but let’s set up on that.50-yard target I’m gonna go ahead and.fill it up take the tether off see we.get cool bit so here we are yeah took.off the tether yep so I often you know.put it to 3,000 psi and what I want to.do is really see what kind of.consistency we’re gonna get off off.untethered at 50 our true hunting.capability where we’re testing it for.real seasons right so we just played.around with it in a hundred yards you.definitely have the variances at 100.yards up because rises and falls in a.bit so if you’re gonna shoot long range.you really gonna have to know your gun.exactly and use your mil-dots.to see you know be able to hit.consistently at that range I don’t think.we’re gonna have as much variance at 50.I just don’t take you though so I’m.gonna go ahead to start here and we’ll.see we’ll put a few shots through it and.just see how it goes I got the hawk.binoculars yeah they’re at CDs clear.glass alright ready when you are just to.the right right yeah you are here you’re.touching the inside bolt you know I love.the fact that this doesn’t have a lot of.recoil mm-hmm he’s putting a lot of.power but it doesn’t snap in you.yeah I’ve shot some of the big other big.ball guns like the tacks in and stuff.like that admit just rocking like crazy.but this is very gentle it’s almost like.7: 23.oh just on the other side there’s – I.made Mickey Mouse ears I so actually.this one should go right through the.sucker.let’s see what happens here well I that.one but still right there I mean yeah.it’s within an inch of the other.irritates me while I do that okay.yep four shots all right where we need.to be do another one here down a slap.shot all right so it’s this shot for.clean shots which is pretty much what.Terry tells me is a four-shot kill them.gun but I wanna see how many I can get.and keep stretching it so we’re sitting.there at what are we that was shot six.so shot six at half a mil I always said.half a mil okay hey you went up a little.bit into the right yeah we’re still.right there yeah that winds pushing it a.little bit seven you’re gonna stay at.past it.yeah to the center that was right where.you wanted it so I’m still a half mil v8.right yep.shot number eight no a little bit lower.but still dead center so I actually.gained just a touch higher get more.closer though what’s the full mil yeah.so I’m gonna go like a mil and a half on.this demo and a half a little bit fill.up yeah you’re still in the same general.area so if you know you’re done and you.know you’ve mil-dots.you still be effective now I’m sure.we’re way off the power curve at this.point but that’s how you can if you know.your gun that’s how you can use.something like this a really good scope.he’s a hawk Sidewinder scope here we’ve.got great no BOTS and a half mil dot.super clear glass I’ve set it to 10.power because that gives you true mills.and I’m able to just go to just adjust.in the power curve and still hit go so I.may have one let’s just yeah tribes I.hate that low is nine was that line that.was nine let’s try for 10.yeah you’re still in the same spot man.well there we go I went up to what to.Mills on I did go to Mills on that and.it went a little bit high so I probably.could still stay at that.but that’s is that 9 or 10 shots I don’t.know that was 10 shots well it’s not.even 9: 00 or 10: 00 it’s close enough it.says more than you need you wanna shoot.it kind of but not you want to shoot at.fifty or hundred I want to shoot it 100.but I know I know it’s it’s good at.fifty all right well here I want to see.if I can you top it off and yeah.[Music].50 yards all day yeah no problem.yeah absolutely let me start stretching.it out you got some a couple of really.good shots and then something you got a.really really judged yeah well that’s.all part shooting these big bore guns.now exactly they’re interested in these.guns from Terry Tate you got our website.which is WWF champion we’ve got them up.there.he’s also got them on his site which is.P BB air guns of professional big bore.air guns comp so P BB air guns calm now.this gun comes in 308 thirty-five or.three five seven and it comes in four.five seven so that I think in 35 or 45.might be a lot of fun I’ve already shot.what his barrels do in four five seven.that was stinking impressive show us and.this one is pretty good anyway yeah so I.would love to be able to take this out.and do some all hunting with it.especially if I could really get used to.that longer range and the conditions.were better I just need more practice.more bench time which thanks to harness.supply we’re not sure Cuddy let’s shoot.these bad boys up and have some fun with.it forgot for now guys I asked that’s.gonna be at my name’s Rick you sir and.my name’s Aaron the Barbarian thanks for.watching.[Music].[Music]. This is one unbelievable constituent.
PBBA Pro Air Rifle .308 Caliber - American Made Airgun Muscle by Terry Tate
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PBBA Pro Air Rifle .308 (also available in .357 and .457)

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