Original Model 50 Air Rifle | Air Armoury, hello and welcome back to the air armory I’m jrh and today I’m looking at the original model 50 so the original model 50 I think you’ve only seen this in one video so far and that was the Firebird exploding targets but also featured in the opening titles of the air armory now I first just wanted to give you a bit of background information about the original company and name there’s maybe not everyone’s heard of original but a company no doubt you will have all heard of is Diana and this is essentially a Diana rifle Diana guns made by the Maya and grammar Schmucker Diana vet company in Germany have been in production since late 19th to early 20th century however during the Second World War the Diana factory was forced to abandon airgun production and instead were made to make firearms parts for the German war effort and then following the Second World War as part of Germany’s reparations and limitations on their arms manufacturer the Diana trademark along with the tools machinery and plans were all sold off and it bought by mill brow in Scotland then in 1950 when these sanctions were lifted mya and grandma’s back up again making air guns again have they lost the Diana trademark however there were still Diana named guns being made by Millbrae so these new German guns were called original so you can either buy the new mill bro of Diana model 50 or mold 55 I think their version was called or you could buy the original model 50 the Dyna trademark was however repurchased by Meyer and grandma’s pocket in 1984 so all new Dyna guns are made in Germany by the original company now let’s take a closer look at the model 50 there you can see the original logo along with the mod 50 marking now this is an unbeliever so that’s a spring piston gun as I’ve already said these were German guns you can see they’re made in Germany on the side and these were made from the 50s up until the 80s and both the original and Diana names at this particular one is dated October 1967 that from the 1067 marking on the side now this rifle is in two two caliber I believe you could also get 177 version but you tend to mostly see them in two – or at least that’s my experience but maybe some of you out there have seen or owned these in 177 versions now I’ve moved the camera back that you can see the entire gun because one of the first things you notice about this rifle and what groom meter in the first place was the length of the stock now it’s not quite a full length man like a star stock but it’s longer than your average stock which gives that kind of military look that quite like and a benefit of that longer length thing that actually the under leave it is almost completely hidden within the stock the stock looks like it’s been refinished at some point but thankfully it’s been done quite well and it still retains the original butt pad now I guess it’s a right-handed rifle as it’s got a raised Monte Carlo cheek piece but it’s not too prominent so I don’t think a left you’d have too many problems using this gun it’s got some checkering on the pistol grip well I think that’s for look as much as anything else it’s very shallow and it doesn’t aid grip at all and all the metal parts are all glued steel it’s very little plastic on it just a tiny bit on the rear sight and a particular note I really like this cover plate here between the compression chamber in the barrel it’s not really needed it’s not essential but is very aesthetically pleasing I think helps add to that kind of military style look now it’s quite a long gun coming in at about 3 and 3/4 feet including a 17 or 18 inch barrel depending on exactly where the barrel starts in here and it’s also quite a heavy gun now I’m not sure of the exact weight has I weighed it but I’ve had a look in the blue book here and that gives the weights for the different variations of it and they go up to 9 or 10 pounds as I’ve already said this is an under lever so to release the lever you push this button in at the end there and leave drops down now in order for the lever to be concealed within the stock it has to be quite short you can see there and that does mean it takes quite a lot of force to cock it but I’d rather it that way then have kind of a full length level it clips in under the muzzle as I think this looks a lot neater now it’s a tap loader so once it’s cocked to load it you flick the tap forward on the top drop the pellet in tip first and then close the tap back up and it’s little things like this loading tap that make this gun feel very well made and good quality you can pair that to the loading tap on my Sussex armory jackal it’s just a very basic operation a plastic lever nothing special about that when it’s compared to the the model 50 it’s a nice metal lever it’s very smooth and you might glad to hear it clicking it opens and closes and that’s because the lever runs against a spring-loaded ball bearing to allow to clip into place when it’s open and closed it’s got quite a nice trigger on it like the trigger and the guard are both made of metal and feels sturdy it’s a three ball trigger which is two-stage you can see there and it’s adjustable you can see those two small adjustment screws there although the model 50 doesn’t have a safety of any kind now in terms of sights and the rear sight here it really does look and feel well made despite having bits of plastic on it it’s adjustable for windage and elevation it is removable although I’ve never taken off as I’ve never mounted the scope on this gun but I think you would probably need to take it off to fit a scope on and the front sight is a globe style site with interchangeable elements I kind of upside down there you can see that I’ve just got a simple post in it and the front sight is also removable just screw clamped into a dovetail in the barrel there and now like the open sight and they work quite well although if I’m honest I’ve really rather have just a more standard fixed post front sight that’s just my preference it does have the facility to mount a scope it hasn’t got like a standard dovetail or weaver rails or anything instead it’s got this kind of raised block clamp a scope – now I’m going to test the accuracy and I’ll be using the open sights as I’ve already said I haven’t ever mount a scope in it so I’m not going to start now just for the video and take ten shots have one of these standard targets at a distance of around 12 and a half meters and I’ll be using these 13.5 grain bisley wasp number two pellets now I know these aren’t the best pellets but I’m a little low on two twos at the moment and I found that these ones do seem to work quite well in this gun you here you can see I have that target now I don’t think that’s too bad for open sites and you can discount this one up here that was my last shot and I did feel myself pull the gun slightly it’s a squeeze the trigger still two or three strays but I don’t think you’d probably get those if you are a better shooter or if you had a scope mounted which is obviously improve the accuracy most of them they tighten up group for me to be happy with now in terms of power if you saw the air Armory video on the fiber exploding targets and remember that this gun didn’t set it off I think that’s – it wasn’t powerful enough and if you’re interested that video I’ll put a link in the description below since then I’ve run it over the coronagraph and I got a power of just 3.38 foot-pounds so it was a little tired to say the least but following that poor test I stripped it down replace the mainspring I put one of these Titan XS main Springs in next one’s on number one but it’s got number three in it and I also replace the leather piston seal as I look quite worn as well now I’m going to put 10 pellets over the coronagraph to see what parrot is getting now and for that I’ll again be using the wasp number two pellets you so here I have my test sheet now I’ve already done my sum so I can tell you that it’s now recording it power of 6.7 foot-pounds we’ve sprayed of forty three point six feet per second now I notice essentially doubled the power that it was before six point seven foot-pounds still seems to be pretty low I don’t know what power these were supposed to put out when they were new but I thought a new spring and seal would get it up to at least eight or nine foot pounds and for my purposes I don’t need it to be too powerful but if anyone does have any ideas why it’s still so low please let me know in the comments below and as I mention that it’s gonna part to change the spring and now I’m not sure if any of you own one of these rifles and have stripped it down but they’re absolute murder to put back together especially with that three-ball trigger and a new mainspring but luckily I had a parts diagram and a good guide I found online to help me for that reason I’m obviously not going to take it apart now I will just take the stock and end cap off just so you can see more complex it looks inside the compression chamber first we’ll remove the spring 30 screw so in the trigger guard and then the main pin through here it’s always one of these tricky ones to get off release the cotton lever there and then the last bit You’ve applies again for gain another fiddly one nearly that ease that out of stock you can also see there that cover plate I mentioned earlier on just get poppin leave doesn’t come out too easily so I’ll leave in there there’s got the cap on the end of the compression chamber use the camera up there that’s what you’ve got inside it not simple or fun to put back together so in there you got the mainspring you’ve got spring guide and the spring and the ball bearings for the three-ball trigger you’ve got to cross pins holding that all together and holding the trigger in yes not fun to put that together there you can see the rifle safely bit together and I forgot sermon ago actually when I was talking about when I slipped it down I chaired the additional hassle in that when I changed the piston seal I couldn’t unscrew the old screw holding the seal assembly in place and that screw then broke off so actually had to drill out and then recut the thread for the new screw in the end of the piston now if you’ve seen any of the other air armory videos you’ll be aware that I’m also interested in the history of the guns and here I have quite an interesting photo copy of an old early 60s original catalog that has some information about the model 50 which I’ll just read you briefly how to handle model 50 the air rifle model 50 is built with fixed barrel and cocking lever to cock the gun hold small of the butt in the right hand and with the left hand pressed down the push button protruding at the four end of the stock thereby releasing the cocking lever which latter must be slowly pressed downwards until the trigger engages with an audible click then return the cocking lever to its normal position taking care that is firmly secured by the push-button the cocking lever must be flush with the stock the model 15th has a loading hole at the top of the barrel but doing the barrel and cylinder into which pellets are dropped head first to open and close the loading chamber after inserting pellets push side leaver backwards and forwards the trigger should never be touched when the rifle is cocked and cocking lever is slack neither should the rifle be discharged without a pellet having been inserted previously as either horses is in Juris to the mechanism of the rifle each air gun is tested and cited by experts before leaving the factory sounds a yeah pretty standard stuff yep I think quite interesting nonetheless now that I’ve increased the power I think it’s time for round 2 of regional model 50 that’s the Firebird exploding target that’s one all so there you’ve seen the original model 50 now I really like this rifle it looks and feels really nice and it’s got some interesting history behind it it’s accurate enough what I want it for well that still does seem to be lacking a bit of power but at the end of the day you’re pretty not going to be using one of these rifles for serious hunting or entering an hft competition with it and I mean this rifle is around 45 years old now and there are many older than that so it’s becoming a bit of a collector’s item but it’s still really fun to shoot and that’s what’s important now think I mentioned earlier on that the model 50 was only made up until the 80s so you can’t buy them new anymore but they do seem to be readily available on the second-hand market still I paid 160 pounds for this rifle which seems to be about right I think actually quite good value for one without scope but like with all things the price depends on things like condition thanks for watching and until next time keep your arms in the air you This is one huge module.
Original Model 50 Air Rifle | Air Armoury
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This month the Air Armoury’s JRH tests and reviews the Original Model 50 air rifle, as well as giving a brief history of the Mayer & Grammelspacher (Diana / Original) company.

Air Armoury ‘Firebird Exploding Airgun Targets Review’ Video.

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