Nova Freedom Review (How Many Pumps?) PCP Air Rifle w/ Hand Pump #2, she’s got writing clearly right now [Music] there must be an accident [Music] Nonna [Music] alright guys I just drove about 40 minutes yourself to the air gun range and so I got Tom with me today I got some random targets I got some hats to shoot off people’s heads it’s about a 500 yard hike into the wood to get to the air gun range but I’m gonna do it right this time I brought a cart and I’m gonna pack everything in and out of there a lot more easily instead of carrying it you won’t believe what’s in this car you okay I have a lot of crap packed in here everything from my PCP tank to my two favorite guns at least like getting all the up there in one shot but it’s a little bit heavy but definitely better than carrying all this stuff in like five trips okay this is not gonna be easy so I actually need to put this camera down and use both hands here all right check out this trail right here I’m like on the edge of a cliff with my wagon right here which is like about to fall off the cliff but I’m gonna go down this trail with it I’m not scared at all okay this right here is the halfway point so I just want you guys to appreciate what I had to go through to make this video alright here we are at the spot and it’s just like we left it in the nova freedom video no one’s been here touch nothing so it’s time to eye sight some guns in and get some bull’s-eyes all right got everything ready to go I got this gun right here I’m the only person in America that has it this right here is a air gun of the year so I’m just privileged to be in the same room with this gun right here I’m gonna go ahead and shoot this gun right here with this expensive high-power hot guys scope see what I can do at 75 and 100 yards so hopefully I’ll be able to do some sort of trick shot with this get today at 100 yards I almost forgot my rangefinder today my $99 rangefinder the halo XL 450 from Walmart but I didn’t so luckily we got that we’re gonna make sure we’re at 100 yards and we’re gonna see what this and Nova freedom can do okay and also you guys know Tom from the AP 16 video he is here today but I gonna help us with some trick shots we got plenty of targets got a little bit of air left in my tank but when we do run out of air it’s a nova freedom time okay and then when my arm gets tired its co2 time all right so I got plenty of guns to shoot so I’m sure I won’t make them through it all but for sure I’m gonna make it through the nova freedom today and Tom and I are gonna unbox this bad boy you know what I forgot my switchblade today so I think I’m gonna have to shoot this box open with a nova freedom yeah this should be fine this is the nova freedom which was an air gun of the year according to me and so I’m gonna go through how many pumps this take to charge it up today and we’re gonna find out more about the pump but first I’m gonna shoot this package open because I don’t have my switchblade I actually shot this thing completely open they took me less than 10 shots so in less than one clip I open this package amazing what do you think it’s gonna be Tom you think it’s a nav annex rain storm okay I don’t know okay I got I want you guys to share the excitement out of this moment with me so I got it really nice and close Wow I loved it when I unwrapped a gun and it’s nice and greasy see what I’m talking about right there that’s grease okay that means that your gun kicks ass it’s right here there’s a little something something called the Crowl armor okay guys the first thing that we got to do before we can even shoot this gun is is run a patch through the barrel because it’s actually gonna be totally dirty I didn’t know that I didn’t know that you’re supposed to clean your new air guns no matter where you bought them I thought if you bought something that pyramid air then you didn’t have to clean it but even the guns from pyramid air the guns from Walmart all your guns have to have a patch ran through there because there’s stuff in the barrel you’ll see I’m gonna run a pass through here and it’s gonna be tremendously dirty inside as I was just about to clean this awesome crowd right here the crowd armor I came up here and I got everything but I did not bring my hops cleaning solvent stuff so this is not gonna get shot today right now though I’m gonna go play with the nova freedom because I know that one’s clean okay I got my Noah freedom here today but instead of using my tank I’m gonna go ahead and see exactly how many Pumped it takes against this thing topped off there’s no doubt that this is a good-looking rifle okay it’s beautiful so anyway here’s a nanometre okay it looks like I’m pretty much up there where I want to be at three there so I’m gonna go ahead and shoot this all the way to the yellow zone probably gonna take me about six or seven shots and then I’m gonna pump it back up to the grin tell you how many it takes basically to get from 150 bar is where the yellow starts in the green zone is from 150 to 300 so I’m gonna go from 150 to 300 see how many pumps it takes from the handle right here okay I’m gonna be using jumbo exact today I’m gonna go with 15 grain and 18 grand haven’t decided yet so I still get questions of what’s mean to size my palate so basically this is my 20 caliber pellet sizer and here is how you size your pellet for greater accuracy just drop it in here nose first like that and then you take this plunger and you just Ram it in there like that okay and what happens is now what you basically just did was you squish your pellet to be exactly five point five millimeters all these might be a little bigger or smaller but if you just run it through your pellet sizer like this now you’ve got two sized pellets and you just run all your pellet through there like that and now all your pellets are gonna be the same size now you can pick out any size pellet size where you want so you can have four five point four millimeter 5.6 millimeter I chose 5.5 because that’s just the 22 caliber size and on the 177 I just got four point five millimeter on that and these seem to work really good so once you size your pail so if you really want to have the tightest groups in the world then you weigh your pellets and each one of these pellets is gonna be like up to two tenths of a gram off or more maybe and so what you do is you find all the pellets that are within one tenth of a gram of each other and you put them in groups so once you size your pellets that you can go ahead and weigh your pellets and just to separate them into groups that all weigh the same and then you’re really gonna have some those are the tightest groups you’re gonna be able to get with your pellets for all my trick shooting trick shots today I’m gonna be using the pellet tray that they supply because uh the guy in Eragon gear show he said that he always uses a pellet tray you know and if you want the tight groups you know that you see in the videos you gotta use that pellet tray right there so one of my viewers said that it’s really important when you’re shooting at targets to hold your trip finger on the trigger till after you hit the target just keep it on there and so I’m doing that this time it’s basically like part of the follow-through I’m doing that this time and I just put two in the same hole at 50 yards the exact same hole not the one hole group that I was the other the one whole group no this really was in the same hole okay so I wasn’t paying attention I just shot this gun completely empty I was trying to wait till I got to the yellow right there but apparently once you get to the yellow it’s just like maybe two or three shots and it goes completely empty so actually my last shot is still in the barrel right here so I didn’t even have enough to push it out at all on the shot before that went really low so basically what you need to do is get this gun up to three right there and then you’re gonna have about now this is on on high okay on high power you have about six maybe seven shots and that’s gonna be time to pump up again so basically this guy is at zero I’m gonna see how many pumps it takes to get to 3,000 so that if you buy this gun you’re gonna know what you’re in for when you first have to fill it okay I just did exactly 20 pumps and I went from zero to halfway into the green so that is cool okay that actually turned out to be super easy basically the pump doesn’t get any harder as you go it’s the same amount to pump it each time and so I did 35 to 40 pumps I did 35 and I was up to the green right there and I just kept going and kind of still where it was so basically I could have got away with 35 pumps but I went ahead and did 40 pumps and like I said it didn’t get any harder to pump the handle right there and it was pretty easy I mean I thought I’d be hurting but no that was easy so what I’m gonna try to do is I’m trying to just get do six or seven shots I’m gonna pump it back up again and I’m predicting that it’ll only be about 20 pumps not bad at all okay guys I’m having a little bit of trouble getting a pinpoint sighted in at 50 yards with these 15 grand pellets right here so I think I was shooting the 18 grand last week with the Nova feel I’m gonna go ahead and try the 18 grain which are traditionally you know a little better for a target shooting okay once again in this video is focusing on the pump okay so I took three maybe four shots I’m gonna give this ten pumps and I bet I’m gonna be right back up to the three let’s try it out okay so ten pumps did actually get me almost to the three and but it was so easy to pump I just went ahead and did 15 and it was still so easy I just went ahead and did 20 pumps so I think I’m as far as it’s gonna go to the three I’m not really sure but this might have like an automatic release thing where when you get to a 300 bar right there it starts to push a little bit out so anyway I am right pegged up there and it was no sweat okay I see if I can zoom in on this bullseye right here anyway I hit up bullseye right in the middle of that center square so I think I’m sited in right there is that close enough for you that’s a dime right there 50 yards with my Hawkeye scope on 12 power so I think I’m all clicked around so I guess I’m ready for a hundred yard shot with a nova freedom this is 61 yards right here I think that the nearest I’m gonna get to a hundred yards is that if I go on this tree right here I’ll probably put one of the airgun Depot golf balls in this tree right here you know maybe I’ll have like a Barbie doll holding it or something or stick it on Tom’s head there’s a good idea and then I’ll see if I can and do a hundred yard shot with the nova freedom now I noticed this when I was shooting this in the first review video is that the sweet spot really is the entire green you know you start hitting stuff perfectly here and when you’re in the middle you know it’s perfect as well this just stays accurate for basically six seven shots it’s just you know pellet on pellet and I’m gonna give this 15 pumps and this can be right back okay so here’s your airgun Depot long range or challenge except the long Ranger that I’m doing is hundred yards with a nova freedom and just showing you what size these guys are in relation to a golf ball so if I was to hit these guys center mass it would be almost it would be equivalent to hitting this golf ball basically so I’m gonna go ahead and put these guys down there just so I can tell you know where my mill dots are for a couple practice shots and then that once I figure that out I’m gonna hit this golf ball from a hundred yards all right you guys the tree in question is actually 76 yards away so that’s perfect there’s a buck running through the woods right there just bust it away but anyway this is about ten feet in a tree and I don’t know if you can see but there’s actually a princess trapped inside this little snow globe thing and there is actually a bad guy right here holding her hostage and I have been tasked with seventy-five yards shot with a no freedom to free this princess right here so basically I have to shoot her globe and get her out of there and then without hurting her so that’s gonna be pretty hard but I can do it okay this is a 75 yard shot the princess is like in that tree right there and I arranged find it it’s 75 yards away from my picnic table here okay that’s what it looks like in my scope see if I can zoom in a little bit you can see the princess there and you can see the bad guy in my crosshairs yeah it’s 75 yards away I put my parallax on 75 so let’s see I think I’m gonna hold just one mil dot down and see what happens okay I actually nailed that 75 yard shot on the third shot because I just had to figure out where to hold my mil-dots I held it two down and nailed it let’s go do a damage assessment all right I definitely hit that little globe there it didn’t break but it did go in where I was aiming so that’s good now I am going to go ahead and nail that airgun depo golf ball and those two lollipops may be at 75 here we go well you would think I would be happy that I hit that golf ball I hit it on the first shot but here’s why I’m not happy I had this camera my phone camera I was holding it awkwardly in front of my hawk eye scope with lining the crosshairs up with that golf ball right there at 75 yards and I pulled the trigger and much to my surprise I hit it with scope cam footage through the Hawkeye scope and I wasn’t recording that was lame but anyway I got the close-up from my other camera so that was a 75-yard golf ball challenge with the nova freedom one shot 75 yards you alright guys I got the nova freedom right here and it’s my choice for air gun of the year 2018 so I just wanted to wrap up this part 2 video I’m gonna unbox this real fast and give you some hardcore stats so I actually got this gun from a really cool guy in the air gun forums and he sent me his gun personal gun to review and make this video on it so this is some of the chronograph testing that he did so he was using a JSP 15 grain and he had this on the high power setting so basically it looks like we were starting off we basically this guns gonna shoot between 890 and 880 so that’s pretty good solid 880 feet per second and if you not gonna top it back off you’re still gonna get some 880’s right there but then it is gonna go down to about 850 so that’s not bad for 10 shots right there now if you want to switch over to the low power setting okay you’re gonna get about 720 feet per second on low power of course you’re gonna get more shots per fill obviously yeah right here you can see the low and high power settings these two are high in the middle and the low and so uh yeah I might end up using low power so it’s basically I’m going to be doing some close range shooting with this gun because I only have about 25 yards to make my shots tomorrow but I’m gonna try to set up and nail some rat set in the middle of the night tomorrow I would say if you’re looking for your first pcp and definitely get a nova freedom if you don’t want to get the whole pcp set up like basically if you’re not sure if you’re gonna be a big PCP fan or you’re gonna get really into air guns definitely get one of these and you’re going to get to experience what a PCP is like to shoot which is basically no recoil the bull the the shots go the same place every time and the super accurate because the the gas doesn’t cool off like co2 and there’s no recoil like a spring gun so basically it’s a lot of fun you get yourself one of these right here you experience PCP and then if you like it you can get yourself a tank you know I got a video on how to get a tank for under 200 bucks that I’m gonna be putting out pretty soon and do yourself a 30-hour hand pump and then you can get a gauntlet after that and that would be a cool little clicks in there anyway so there’s a lot of these 300 our pcp so you can get now if you like this gun and you want to get more into pcp shooting but definitely this is like probably just a great first gun I mean really there’s no first gun that would be better because there’s no first gun that you don’t even have to buy a scope or a hand pump for but realistically okay you could get a gauntlet let’s say or a 300 our PCP and then get yourself a $40 hand pump and you’d still be able to shoot so you know this is definitely a great gun if if you’re a collector it’s one to have a bezel here’s the deal though it’s a good gun for hunting okay if you’re not gonna hunt you know think about if you want it hey guys I want to tell you thanks for tuning in and thanks for watching the airgun channel if you like what you see go ahead and subscribe and I’ll get you as many commercial free videos on airgun and everything else as I can so thanks again and we’ll see you next time if you like what you see you This is another elegant constituent!!
Nova Freedom Review (How Many Pumps?) PCP Air Rifle w/ Hand Pump #2
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