NEW! Gamo Swarm MAGNUM 10x Shot .22 cal. Air Rifle $300 – UNBOXING!!!, hey guys I’m super excited I got myself.a gamma swarm Magnum 22 caliber has a 10 shot magazine that comes.with it this is one of the most powerful.swarms that they just built and it is.released from gamma which is pretty cool.I just got it ordered about a couple.months ago but it was backordered I’ll.leave the link below if you want to.order one but basically it sits in the.notes below anyway long story short one of them has a new Mach 1 gas.piston shoots at you know 1,300 FPS with.these pba alloy you know gamma you know.pellets and and inside those 10 shot.magazines so let’s go ahead and do it.unboxing so this is which is the what’s.this video all about this is just a.quick unboxing so let’s get the knife.out and just quickly open this guy’s very open now that that tape is.already already done so and let’s go.ahead open this side it does come with.that 3 9 by 40 scope which is pretty.nice and if everything is cool you’re.probably wondering why I got this well.this is actually my second swarm my.first one was a swarm Maxim how I bought.that about a couple months ago or.actually more than a couple months it’s nicely oh that’s kind of hit.through there overall my got this all.over the mail right basically it was.really well packaged and stuff so I.don’t think it looks pretty good it.didn’t doesn’t look like it’s damaged or.anything but it was really well kinda.just box within a box so it was up and everything does know that.scope and you know be careful they.actually have the knowing that I’ve.scoped in here but they also have some.extra tools as well as a a 10/10 pellet.magazine that’s stapled on to the box so.don’t throw away the box just make get everything out of the box do it so the instruction may I was.quite interesting is generated.instruction manual for the swarm doesn’t have anything about Maxim or.whatever else in it does a quick it doesn’t seem like there’s any.different.and then this thing too is a generic.scope mount instructions a quick set up.but yeah and also it has a quote you can.sure thing apparently it’s a nice little.plugin for packing stuff that to protect that the magazine.mechanism I guess and that’s what there’s a stop don’t return to store.and here’s your warranty for five years.three years or whatever the heck it was.of course it’s just a weird thing on actually says that the warranty has.avoided you used some other type of ammo.that’s not I guess I’ll be just using gamma ammo.for now on maybe I doubt it so anywho.long story short let’s get going and.let’s open this tea bag up like I said I.already have the maximum that’s a 22.caliber maximum you know 900 feet per.second.first generation one of the swarm and it I mean the mechanism is good I.bought several clips for it and the.reason why I got the Mack Magnum is.because I want more power I want to out the new power let’s get this and you know I wanted more power.and they said it has it’s the new.whisper fusion suppression so it quieter sort of so I like to see here.see and hear that in action so up a video in the future that I like the maximum the whisper.fusion also whisper and also a regular I.think whisper Maxim weight fusion.maximum and some other one in who all that and also really air.rifle and why just do a sound recording.of it and see if it actually sounds any.better than that of the other one so.this swarm max and move pretty nice the grip I like the all-weather.stock the mechanism looks pretty.straight for and simple just like the.other one if it looks worse the same as.the maximum it feels longer and a little.heavier and there’s the rear.recoil thing for the shoulder let’s turn.this thing around there’s that reduction.rail that you put the air scopes on doesn’t have any recoil for your.scope there’s a little bit of grease.there and overall yeah it’s the only the.suppressor on the front but there’s no.shroud for the barrel hmm that’s.interesting well as there’s.for Maxim logo nice soar Maxim sweet.anywho enough for that basically yeah is.this the same clip design basically the.clip goes in and it pops out on the.front.have you seen my previous video on the.swarm Maxim same thing let’s take a the precision three 940 W 1 p.m. know 25 yard you know preset range.thing yeah let’s see look at the it’s a good little knife open cut the.little piece of tape holding this thing.and I think this play Chinese made it.made in China anyway so it’s no big deal.let’s take a quick look instructions go.wrapped close the plate up got your side.and I’m just.of course I’m just mumbling rambling.because it’s like 12 o’clock at night.right now I just got off of work and.just yeah I’m packing my stuff and do an.unboxing with you so I’m glad you’re.with me and you’re glad I got to see.this stuff together sweet just like a.scope nice packaged let’s recall by the.way I know by other scopes I should buy.just for all my air rifle is busy use.the sight that came with or the scope I.came with and he’s mounted and seeing.that all these are pretty nice scope I.really don’t really need to change it.he’s only shoot about 20 yards anyways.about 20 to 25 yards in my distance and.targeting shooting so no big deal so.let’s put that down just come to the.caps comes with a microfiber lens cloth.those things do screw off those are the.windage controls this graph and there’’s easier controller there’s actually.just a little tabs that you could turn.which is nice I can’t wait to mount this.thing I just take like five minutes think I don’t probably wait till next.time make this videos going hard’s pretty late already.anyways that’s pretty cool let’s put.that down somewhere else curse on this.stuff off and yeah it’s exact same cuz.of a hex tool cleaning cloth is move all.stuff to the side but yeah it’s exact.same scope as the one from the the Magnum and the maximum exam so no big deal like I said I.bought this online so I think you I got throw about three hundred.dollars for this whole for this kit but.for the for the swarm Magnum 22 was 300 bucks for me but yeah I it’s like PI to 80 or something.that I’ll leave the link again anywho.long story short nice it has the has a grip that’s a little bit more.vertical than that of than the other one.I like that that the rest that rest actually really comfortable she was.good.all that’s pretty much rugged plastic.and there was that mechanism for the.clip they just put pop on top not much.different this is a 22 caliber so it’s.nice I standardized all my rifles to 22.caliber because it just lot know pellets for it I don’t really.want to buy 0.77 caliber pellets anymore.or bb’s or anything else like that I.still have my BB gun and rifle but it’s.just a lot simpler this way so there you.have it that’s the unboxing of you know.the new gamma swarm Maxim or no I’m.sorry Magnum Magnum the 1300 FPS air.rifle I’m gonna do a comparison between.the Maxima Magnum and in you know in a.future video.also with Against The Bone Collector as.well the 1i there’s well my first gamal.rifles I still haven’t so use I also a.comparison between the different.suppressors again we’ll have because now.they have all three haha I could do a.test and because I could do a test.accurate or tested against you know the.stupid graph that they have that’s from.the box it basically says that between.the whisper or with the fusion was a.maximum there should be differences I.sure want to hear that because I have a.regular ear’s actually a Benjamin trail one.that’s that has no shot at all so it.should be fun anyways guys please like.subscribe and stay tuned but if I hang.that Bell button you know and we’ll have.more reviews on this later well and know basically subscribe you know it’s which is I can’t wait to shoot this thing I.see the power thing on this see you next.time guys did you. These add-ons are interesting.
NEW! Gamo Swarm MAGNUM 10x Shot .22 cal. Air Rifle $300 - UNBOXING!!!
These extensions are quite clever! I just got my Gamo Swarm MAGNUM .22 caliber air rifle in the mail.  They were backordered for months.  Amazon ( for about $300 when I ordered it.

The neat feature about this rifle is the rotary 10 shot magazine loader every time you cock the rifle for air. No need to fumble with a pellet pen or touch the pellets with your fingers. It also has a built in Whisper Fusion suppressor, uses a Mach 1 inert gas piston ( producing 1300FPS with special Gamo PBA pellets (  – with other pellets its probably slower), a adjustable light trigger, good grip, and 3x 9 40  scope with a recoil mount! I cant wait to test shoot it. This is just a unboxing.

I plan to compare  and review it against the Gamo .22 Swarm Maxxim, Gamo .22 Bone Collector, and the Benjamin Trail Nitro piston in the future.

Note air guns are not toys and are meant for 16+ or adults. Any hoo you can get this at Amazon in .22 and .177 caliber sizes, along with extra magazines.

Links to the stuff i got below:
Gamo SWARM MAGNUM Air Rifle:
Gamo SWARM 10X QUICK-SHOT Magazine :
Gamo Performance Airgun PBA Pellets:

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