New for 2018: Hatsan Flash .22 Caliber PCP Air Rifle, alright guys welcome back this is with Iraq veteran 8888 and today.we’re continuing our not show at the at the range having a little.bit of fun with a new gun from hatsan.this is the flash it is a rotary.magazine 12 shot repeater basically a.little bolt action 22 caliber it has a.integral moderator which is very very.quiet we actually just a metering with.this particular air rifle getting 116.decibels at the ear and 112 at the.muzzle so very very quiet it is a PCP considered an entry-level PCP so not.a terribly expensive unit at all this is.something that is definitely new for.this year these things will be going out.we did some velocity testing and.grouping with it.velocity we’re getting 799 feet per.second out of a 19 grain pellet and.that’s the H&N baracuda hunter extreme.alright and at 50 yards tab was getting.1-inch groups with this gun so just kind.of quickly the main things about it that.I like that I think are really cool one.the trigger is great it breaks at three.pounds nice and clean trigger which is.wonderful it is a very simple and.entry-level gun but yet very robust I that it’s very quiet it’s very.accurate and it is very reliable so.those are a couple of things that my.initial observations of this that I.think are really cool it’s topped off.with the Optima 3 to 9 by 40 with an.adjustable objective this is hot son’ brand so it’s got their brand optic on it kind of a cheap.entry-level optic but definitely be working fine we’re gonna take a.few shots so it is a bolt-action.basically like a sort of facsimile of a.bolt-action repeater it uses a little.rotary type magazine here we’re just.gonna pop that in that’s it take a few.shots we’ve got some cameras out 50.yards here just going to shoot a variety.of things and then we’ll move back and.shoot some things with a little bit more.fleshy consistency and guys this is just.kind of a first look the power level.that this gun is making is a little low.I think from what I’ve been told there’s.that the production models are have a little bit more power than.what this one’s making but still let’s.check it out.always fun to play with and I would say.accuracy wise this thing is on par with.just about any nice 22 rival not making.the power that a twenty two mates but.definitely quiet easy to shoot I’m.aiming at a pretty small target down.there just the head on that little uh.bowling pin right there not too shabby.all right.[Applause].[Applause].and I’m missing just off the right side.of that thing like a dummy let me hold.over a little bit more I got a little.bit of wind I don’t know if that really.matter much at 50 but maybe yeah let me.hope for wind here yep I saw that pellet.drift over let’s see let me hold a.little bit more yep right off the right.edge and that is definitely the wind you.know and that’s an interesting point.about air rifles in general these little bitty pellets they’re.not moving at quite and velocities of a.22 long rifle you know even a little bit.of wind at even just moderate distances.can still drift that pellet over so.these are a great tool to teach somebody.about wind drift as well if they don’t.have access to some stupid long range.where the wind is starting to blow a 308.pill out of a you know 308 bolt-action.over some stupid distance from a.long-range you don’t have the.capabilities to shoot that far this can you can definitely just.see that pellet drift right over in the.wind we got a little bit of a wind.blowing so let me just hold a little bit.more that’s kind of cool that’s the.interesting observation in my opinion.[Applause].[Music].huh.[Applause].all right so mag out and the way these.mags load is pretty simple all right I’m.going to shoot a couple more and guys I.know this is might be somewhat redundant.but we’re going to just go ahead and.shoot a few more 50 and then we’ll shoot.a couple of silly things up close just.have a little bit of fun with the gun I.can see this being a really handy.lightweight you know plinker to take out.or maybe a squirrel rifle some people.that are wanting some kind of you know.lightweight rifle will take out and hunt.squirrels with it would definitely that the gun is definitely.lightweight that’s one thing that I about it all right.[Applause].alright I’m gonna pick up the pace here.[Applause].be a dead squirrel right in the face.they’re not too bad oh wow that wind is.really drifting it okay.[Applause].[Applause].very consistent accuracy out of this.thing once you you know know where to.aim find your hold I mean that right.there those last five shots or so that I.drifted onto the edge of that gong right.there about an inch so the results that.I’m getting are consistent with Chad’s.grouping data that he got from the so you do your part this thing will.definitely sell them right in there very.accurate I think that’s kind of the name.of the game with this kind of stuff.really is accuracy a lot of folks you.know tend to be looking for a gun that’s.not terribly expensive it’s accurate and.PCP is definitely a nice thing you know.this thing’s pretty easy to fill with.the fill tank not really big deal get quite a few shots which is nice.let’s reset and we’ll take out some.things up some slightly fleshy.consistency here let’s do it all right.guys we can’t make a video about an air.rifle without shooting some crazy.objects so we got some sidewalk chalk.this stuff tends to come apart really.nice with a little pellet so let’s have.a go let’s have a little fun here all.right.Barracuda Barracuda this is what I said.there Barracuda hunter extreme 19 grains.Oh people are gonna give me heck about.that forever.that’s okay alright let’s try to shoot.the tip off just the tip how about that.right over the top.Eric.oh good grief all right finish these off.and then we’re gonna find something to do right over the top well then.bye all right got one little tiny.remnant there all right one even tinier.remnant look at that Oh.last round there we go all right let’s.come up with some other fun things to do.all right so moving on we’ve got some.guavas strawberries and grapes not.necessarily in that order but there they.are we’re going to take a few shots here.with the flash have a little fun.little gun is real accurate alright I’m.just gonna work my way down the row down.skid-row hey Bobby what happened to Al.his head just exploded.see those grapes come apart little blob.action little grapes do those grapes.explode yeah that is great.strawberry laying on this back nope.denied no you come here.denied oh you can go behind there that that is so much fun guys.grapes is where it’s at if you if you’re.gonna you’re gonna run an air rifle that is a fun little target is some.grapes.alright tell you what let’s let’s change.this up a little bit have a little fun.try it kind of somewhat offhand here.pounding out now now that’s hard let’s.see what we got here.[Applause].oh no just to the right one more great.BAM got it all right that is a lot I have to say I am genuinely.impressed I know the air rifles are kind.of one of those things that you know not.everybody necessarily digs but I’s important to represent them on because I know some of you are.airgun aficionados and we felt that it.was important to showcase something like.this this is not intended to be a review.or anything like that it’s just be kind of a first look so to speak.this is a very new air rifle that you’ll.probably just now start seeing you it up in places and everything.definitely want to thank hat son for.bringing this particular air rifle down.for us to check out this is very new and.guys in case you can’t tell you know we.don’t really go to shot show anymore.we tend to when it comes to a lot of stuff coming out that gets conjunction with some with the such a shot show we try to do to get our hands on that stuff kind.of early and put out kind of a sort of outside of all the glitz.and the glam and all the the crap on the.floor that goes on I mean I’m not’s not a good show but we try to things off in a more personal.setting so there’s the flash check it.out if you want and guys stay tuned.we’ve got a lot more videos on the way.hopefully we’ve been doing our part and.getting lots of content out for you guys.we hope you’re enjoying it thank you.much for the support we’ll see you next.time.[Music]. 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New for 2018: Hatsan Flash .22 Caliber PCP Air Rifle
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