New Air Rifle, [Music].I used to own of Iraq its w100 tea in a.moment of madness I’ve sold it that was.a big mistake.from the day I sold it I knew I wanted.another one but during 2015 rumors of rifle from fire arc surfaced.sure enough the HW 110 may 2016 I think it was so the choice a.100 or a 110 well there you go I’ve.chosen the HW 110.first thing you notice in the box is tactical look never owned a this before but we’ll have a it in a bit more detail once I get it.up on the gun rest.move the gun into the shed now so I can.have a closer look at it again you can.see the black tactical look stock is.made from beach I believe and is then.overlaid in a rubberized soft touch.covering makes it very weatherproof.looks very much like an HW 100 the legendary Vioxx silencer one of.the best in the stippling on the four end of the.stock and round the pistol grip.firearms still supply you with two.magazines and you saw the fill adapter.there as we move down the rifle you’ll.notice one of its outstanding features.and that is the new block it’s made of a.ballistic polymer the same kind of.polymer that glock used to make their.pistols so I’m guessing it’s gonna be.tough.Picatinny rail rather than dovetails and.once again Pyrex legendary silencer.first thing I do with every new rifle.that comes into my possession whether.brand-new or second-hand just give the.barrel of clean I always remove the.moderator the silencer makes life an.awful lot easier you may ask why clean.the barrel in a brand new gun’ll see why surely I use a simple.pull through to get the barrel clean.this was Bevin nightmare doing this job.holding the camera in one hand trying to.feed the pullthru in and the other this.was about temp three or four I can’t.remember as you can see the film it’s.not particularly brilliant anyway I felt.the pull through through there’s the.loop.I attached a couple of the cloth pull.throws into the loop pull it back gently.and we’re ready to rock and roll.this is the first pull through and can see it’s pretty dirty this is a brand new rifle this is not.unusual this is quite common for a new.gun that’s right but that’s what helps.clean it here’s the pull through four of.them well on the left was the first one.through one on the right was the through that’s clean enough for’t have to be absolutely spotless.I’m gonna let the barrel up a bit later.on anyway next I want to fix things.studs but don’t want to drill the stock.fortunately for this fire rack you can.detach one of this one of the studs at.the front remove it and replace it with.a purpose made sling stud if it’s.absolutely perfectly no drilling.required.I want the same on the rear so again I.don’t want to be drilling into the I’m going to remove the butt pad I.think I should assured this a bit pretty boring I make this um even on.board watching it.come on maybe I should have speed it up.that’s pretty boring sorry about that.hey it’s off now you can see the beach.underneath now I’m sure it’s Beach.anyway I’m sticking the butt pad back on.that’s the butt bad but nope that that’s the butt pad put back on with.the new plate it has this thing stud.attached I’ve also taken this.opportunity to offset the butt pad.slightly to make it a nicer fit when I.shoulder the rifle next its scope.mounting time I’ve mounted the scope.rings onto the Picatinny rail rested the.scope on it and secure the Rings just to.hold the scope nice and loosely you’ll.see why I haven’t climbed it down next.what I want to get right now is the eye.relief that is the distance from the.back of the scope to my eye.why do as I shut my eyes shoulder the.rifle then open my eyes I then adjust.the scope backwards or forwards to get.the eye relief absolutely I get a really good full sight.picture and I’ll do that a couple of.times put the rifle down close my eyes.lift the rifle up open my eyes and check.that I can see through the scope with a.full scope picture that way I’m.adjusting the scope to my eye rather.than trying to force my head or my eye.into an unnatural to get the scope level the first.thing I do is hang up a plumb line let.gravity do its thing let it sail you can see I’ve got the rifle.absolutely level I used two or three.spirit levels but the gun rested on gun.bags.I still haven’t clamped the scope down.yet what I do next is rotate the whole.of the scope in the scope rings until.the vertical crosshair is absolutely.level with the plumb line this video.footage is shocking but I think you can.see the gist of the idea is to get the.vertical crosshair to cover the plumb.line then I know I’ve got a perfectly.level rifle and a perfectly leveled.scope palate testing next before I zero.the rifle I need to know which best in my gun you might think any.old pellet will do but that’s not I would recommend you buy sample.packs and thoroughly test the barrel I.stick to well-known brands because from.experience I’ve found them to be I use different way pellets with.different head sizes and I will fire 10.15 20 of each pellet downrange onto to see which one produces the.tightest group.this is my range set up in the garden.I’ll be shooting from a distance of.about 18 or 19 meters so not not.particularly far but I don’t want any.act any external issues with wind or.whatever I just need to know which.pellet will produce the tightest group.this is shot from a firing position down.the garden to the target area I’m gonna.test about 20 different types of total that’s pretty boring I haven’t.filmed it you wouldn’t want to watch it.but I think you get the idea.I’ll fire ten shots take a break.ten shots change the pellet ten shots.take a break if you have to shoot as.accurately as you can to produce possible groups well here’s the.results as you can see some pellets.perform better than others Bisley.magnums not brilliant air arms filled.pretty good via FTP pretty good firearm.magnums very seems my bow prefers a four five – or.even a four five three head size and.seems to prefer a slightly heavier.pellet and you’ll see here the jsb exact.heavy in four five two has produced a.fantastic that’s ten shots through the.hole that can be covered by 1 1 pence.piece I know it’s only 18 meters but.that’s a pretty good I have the pellet that performs the gun I’m gonna crawl away on 5 10.15 20 shots over the chrono take an.average of the results amount a label walk work out my foot pound energy I.can also input this information into a.ballistic program like chair gun now I.found the pellet groups the best I do a final zero so sap on my home.range with the jsb exact heavy x’ and.I’m just going to take two or three.shots I’ve got this footage through the.scope camp it’s not brilliant but at.least give you an idea of what I’m.trying to do that’s the first shot.second shot they went to the right so I.need to move the point of aim across to.the left slightly so just remove the.dust cap I reckon two clicks left should.shift the point of aim to where I and I should be smack on with a bit.of luck.okay let’s check shot one definitely.moved over to the left a bit I don’ on camera but I actually move more click left and there we go.I reckon on bang on just move to another.cross and there we go you can’t really.even see that hole because I’s gone right through the center and.across another shot I’m happy with that.that’s pretty good that’s good enough.for hunting and just to finish off a.little bit of fun I’ve got a tiny.crabapple there it’s about the size of a.1-1 pence piece and there he goes so I’m.happy. 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New Air Rifle
I be wild about add-ons, because they are the awesome! This video is all about my new air rifle. I show the stages I go through to get the rifle ready for hunting. It shows barrel cleaning, scope mounting, pellet selection and zeroing. There is no hunting in this video……………….but there will be in the next!