MAGAZINE FED .50 CAL AIR RIFLE | bolt action (home made weapons), what’s up guys don’t be all doing we’re going to be checking out the.bolt-action air rifle let’s get to it.alright guys so if you guys have been.watching my channel and keep up with my.videos you guys know that I’ve been.working on this bolt-action air rifle.before we get into some close-ups or.obviously going to test it out I tell you guys it’s not 100% working.the way I wanted it to um it still works.quite well but it didn’t it didn’t turn.out the way I absolutely wanted it to.and normally I would keep going know it worked 100% of the time and.worked exactly the way I wanted it to.because I kind of preached that on the fact that things go wrong.when you’re building stuff and things go.wrong when you’re creating things just have to deal with those.problems but the thing about YouTube and.the thing about building these guns and.building these weapons ours at the end.of the day this I do this because I.enjoy it I do YouTube because I enjoy making I make these bills because I.enjoy them and when I work so much becomes more of a chore than it is.for fun then there’s really no point in.doing it anymore so the reason I because it really was just becoming a.chore for me every day trying to figure.out what I need to fix and what I alter on this but nevertheless I am.quite satisfied with the way it turned.out I think it really looks really.really nice I’ve put a blue or a black.paint job on with some blue accents and.I think it was really nice we’re go ahead and get on to some close-ups.I’m going to show you guys how it.operates how it’s built and then we’re.going to get on to some testing okay.guys starting off with the of everything starting this is the air tank down at the.bottom that’s one and a half inch thick.or one and a half inch in diameter and I.believe it’s about two feet normally in.these builds I’ll put the air tank.underneath the barrel but it was a real.challenge to try and figure out where.exactly I was going to put it because.obviously I can’t because of the.magazine system then it just goes up.into a three-quarter inch down on this.end and then I have a valve right here.if I can put my finger on it right there.and that actually uh forms a second.chamber right here in this section of.the pipe and then so we have our main.air chamber right here and then I can.and close this valve right here and I.can refill for each shot and that’s what.lets you take multiple shots without.reloading down here is the trigger.mechanism it’s a simple ball valve that.I just flattened out the handle a little.bit and put some tape on so it’s nice.and comfy you can really grip it nice.and fast or squeeze it nice and fast and.if you get a ball valve for these make.sure you get the steel ones and make.sure you pay for the expensive ones.because most of the time the more.expensive they are the smoother they.actually are and the faster you can pull.the trigger the faster the air will.release and the faster the projectile how I did that from the 3/4 it.reduces down to 1/2 right in the handle.and then it’s threaded right there to the steel ball valve and then it.started again and just goes into a 1/2.inch right here this elbow right here is.1/2 inch and a 3/4 inch barrel actually.slides over the 1/2 inch inside barrel.and if you guys want to see how all you guys can check out my where I talked about the actual.magazine system itself and I’ll put in the description below for that.the rear in the front sights actually.helped a lot.they’re just PVC that simply cut out and.bent to shape the front is just taped.right here and then the back is taped.and glued down right here and there’s.actually a screw if you guys can see.that.that lets you adjust for elevation so’re shooting longer ranges you can.adjust it to be higher and then’re shooting closer ranges you can.lower it the magazine system like I said.I have another video where I about this whole bolt system it works is there’s two Springs that.push up this little metal bracket I have.a foe round on the bottom which I.thought was a nice touch and that just.pushes up the rounds and then to load you just open the bolt and then you.can load your shelves which are.half-inch PVC and all they are is.they’re rounded on the front and the.back and then they just have this a.little lip in here for a hook that sits.on the bolt assembly or that is on the.bolt assembly that helps it pull back help the cartridge pull back so to.load it you just stack those in hold on.a bad angle stack goes in like so and.then you can close the bolt up’re ready to fire like so okay the animal that are actually going to.shooting today is we have three.different kinds we’re going to be.shooting some glass marbles that I have.a few of we’re going to be shooting some.usual darts and these are a little bit.different than my normal Dart the actually cut off to be shorter to the the cylinder itself or in the.cartridge and I actually made them flat.because the reason behind that is that.for possibly for hunting and stuff you.would want to sharpen this to the hunt.small game stuff but for our purpose.right now all that’s going to do is just.make them stick and Hart farther into.whatever I’m shooting at and it’s make them harder to get out if I can.even manage to get them out so that’s.why I put them on a or I flatten the tip.down but anything you can really fit in.this shell you can shoot and we’re also.going to be doing some copper bb’s so.should be really cool so we’re going to.go ahead and get on to the testing so.stick with us all righty guys I got my.Atari set up down there I have loaded.the little darts into the cartridges and.I’m just going to go ahead and load this.up and of course you have to with the bike valve right here and.then we’re going to go through four.shots and we’re going to see how close.we can get to the center of that.bullseye down there so let’s get to it.alright guys it’s a shot number one.all right I think that one might have.been a little deformed when I shot it can tell they don’t eject all the.way oh that up.alright shot number two all right again.that dart did not work.all right shout number three.I wouldn’t it’d not stick in all right.guys I’m not gonna lie to myself that.was a complete the darts the nails actually came out.of and then these two I don’t know what.happened I could guess that the nail.might not be heavy enough because I cut.the nail about in half the weight is not.enough to keep the projectile flying.straight enough but I have I have one.more dart that has a full nail in it.that we can try and then we’ll if that.doesn’t work we’ll try a another ammo.tight but I’m going to try that one last.shot and hopefully it works all right.full nail Dart and three two one let’s.go see all right well I’m going to go.out on a limb and say this is not that.most accurate dart because that’s the.bullseye and the dart is down there but.considerable penetration so I believe guys want to recreate this’re going to have to figure out a do larger nails in the cartridges.because with a smaller nail I don’t.think the weight is carrying enough in.order to to reach the target and to.penetrate the target alright guys so for.our next demo we’re going to do the.marbles I have them loaded up in the.cartridges I just loaded up three of.them we’re going to load them up and out alright three two one.right dead center three two one.another right next to the center all.right and one more okay so you guys guys can see that the marbles.actually hit right there right there and.right there so that’s not a bad grouping.I know we were close by but that’s.definitely not bad at all and then the.marbles just bounced off they did not.stick in all right guys have to the.cartridges loaded up with bb’s and do that all I did was stuff some.wanting in the back poured the bb’s in.and then put a little bit of wadding in.the front to make sure they don’t fall.out but I’m going to go ahead and load.these up and what I’m going to do is I’m.going to shoot one and then I’m going up this back valve here and I’m.going to shoot the other one and let all.of this air come out all at once so the.second one should be a lot more powerful.than the first shot so let’s go ahead.and try it I’m pretty excited so to it.three two one well that was horrible Wow.I was terrible alright well unload one.load the other one in we’re just leave this back valve gonna open that.up and leave it open I don’t know why.that was so terrible hmm alright let’s.try it again three two one well that was.more like it okay guys so we can see a.large spread on the target most all of.those bb’s that are actually stuck in.there are from that shot so I think what.went wrong with the first shot is.possibly the wadding was a little too.loose or a little too tight which you.kind of just have to get a feel for it.with each air rifle that I built but.definitely a very very nice spread so.we’re going to actually go ahead and.load up one of the marbles again and.we’re going to try and see if we can.destroy something alright guys we’re.going to load up three shots into the.magazine and hopefully I should be hit that can down there alright shot.number two I’m going to aim slightly.lower this time all right guys we have.another hit here up on the top of the.can I could adjust the sights for this.but I think I can just aim a little.lower and hit it so we’re gonna give it.another shot.alright in three two one.alright guys no penetration on the.actual can so what we’re going to do is.I’m going to load up one more marble.we’re going to hook this up all the 180 psi and then we’re going to open.this back up bow get real close and see.if we can puncture it alright guys we’ a cannon right here and we have a.bucket full of rocks to make sure the.can doesn’t go flying away but we’re.going to go ahead and do it three guys as you can see there’s your.answer it dented the can completely but.I put everything I had into it and it.wouldn’t penetrate the can I think.that’s just because of the distribution.of the power behind the shot was just.too large because it was a ball instead.of say a dart so what we’re going to I’m actually going to set this up.we’re going to do the same thing but.we’re actually going to use the one dart.that I have left and we’re going to see.if that penetrate via the hand.three-two-one how do you guys hope you.guys enjoyed it that’s it for today guys.did make sure you hit that subscribe.button that like button if you have any.comments let me know in the comment.section below and also you guys are not.going to want to miss what I’m week I’m actually doing a.collaboration with two other it’s going to be really really.exciting we’re all doing basically so I’m really really fun for.that so I will see you guys next week.and thank you for watching. 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MAGAZINE FED .50 CAL AIR RIFLE | bolt action (home made weapons)
These ingredients are quite fancy. This PVC air rifle is one of the coolest ones I’ve built so far. The magazine system holds four shells that hold the ammo inside them. It’s bolt action and has adjustable sights and a powerful shot. In this video we try out three different ammo types and also go over the function on the gun. this simple air fun powerful shot is one of my favorite PVC gun builds I’ve done in a while! I love making home made weapons like zna!

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