Long Range Sub 12 FT/LB Air Rifle Shooting – The Egg Challenge !, hey guys welcome to another one of our.videos and yeah let’s do some long-range.egg plink in the Isaac James here from.metric reviews now I was sent a picture.the other day I’m of a challenge it was.set down and on the Facebook pages and.somebody wanted to see somebody shooting.when a 12-pound rifle exercise targets.between 60 and 90 yards now I’m always.one for a bit of a challenge and I’m.always one Ferb making myself look a bit.daft.so all these undertakes we’ve come at.the farm on this rather windy day you.might be able to see in the hedges.behind us and it’s gusting like crazy so.I’m not really sure how else is going to.work so we’ve come up today with the.rifle and we’ve got a load to kill time.behind us we’ve got range markers and we.fully take them up on the challenge now.we weren’t quite sure what constant and.Excise target so I did the only thing I.could think of and I went down to.Tesco’s and picked up some finest.free-range of medium sized eggs now blew.my mind I didn’t realize those different.sizes of eggs so we picked up a low.those got 12 and we made up a load of.range markers so we’re going to start at.30 yards I’m going to work out in 10.yard increments and so 30 40 50 60 70 80.90 and I’ve also made one for 100 yards.now you’ve all seen the video before.hopefully with this shoot 100 yards is.capable of doing a lot of range.now it’s worth noting that particular.day still we’re on a range surrounded by.trees and all sorts and today we’re up.on the farm just getting blown around so.it’s going to be interesting now in the.interest to try to keep this as.real-world as possible you’ll see I.don’t have a bipod mounted on the bottom.of the world cap we are going to be.shooting off primal trigger sticks when.we’re out hunting that’s what I use all.the time when I’m using this gun if I’ve.got the HW or use a Harris bipod but I.don’t really want to drill the stock on.this because it’s just it’s sleek and.it’s bullpup and it’s amazing so we’re.just keeping it as it is.so what we’re gonna do is son we’ll set.the cameras up we’ve got the targets.being put out now pork setting them out.now as we speak and and I’m going to try.and film pretty much me laying down and.the target so you’ll be able to see.because one of the things on the post.was it had to be unedited so uncut and.you know none of this rubbish and people.saying oh yeah 850 yards and you look at.it it didn’t happen now what we’re going.to do is like this the same going to.show.the whole clips you’ll be able to see me.and the target in one frame and.depending on how it goes I’ll put the.camera down the target end as well will.film the target looking back at me as.well give a bit of a different.perspective but I’m going to cut between.ranges because obviously setting things.up and it’s going to take forever and.nobody wants to sit and have to click.through try to work out where on the.video the next shot is going to be so.we’re going to kind of keep it condensed.but you will be able to see the shot in.their entirety to prove that we are.doing it I’m because I know not a good.day we can do it yeah in the wind is.going to be fun but anyway let’s say no.pun intended let’s crack on and yes get.the fun bit ok guys so those you that.maybe you want to see a little bit for.close-up of the guns and we’ve got the.wild cat on the bottom that was just.seen in the intro and as I said earlier.sports match mounts and Hawk sidewind.and Assaf and we’ve got a little spirit.level on top and just the dv8 skip sort.of makes it easier for me to see what’s.going on canting where i’m holding the.rifle straight and whatnot and we’ll be.resting that one with the primal trigger.stick so you can see on the bottom there.and at the top just in case I’m not.feeling it with the Wildcat we’ve also.brought out the HW 100 today and now.again very very similarly finished and.we got the hawk Sidewinder on the top.again sports match mounts and their.little SP to bubble mount on the top.I’ve changed the viral moderator and.purely it was more of me being a bit of.a magpie the HW mod is quieter and with.the Huggett bolita that you can see on.the end there just is it just looks the.business it’s a really really nice.moderator and then as I said we’ve got.12 of England’s finest free-range eggs.on the side there so it’s the first time.has to say I’ve ever had to buy eggs so.it’s been a bit weird I didn’t realize.the coming sizes and the other option.the plan B was to use ostrich eggs and.we thought that might constitute.cheating slightly so we didn’t serve.didn’t go for those in the end and the.only other ones with quails eggs we did.debate a quail egg at 100 yards and then.we saw the weather this morning a nice.it’s not happening so anyway let’s get.on with the fun bit alright guys as you.can see we got two targets set out and.the white things that you can see.they’re basically range indicators when.we walk up in a minute you’ll be able to.see first one on the very far left.thirty yards and at 40 50 60 and so on.we’ve got them out 270 yards at the.moment we’ll do those ones first and.then.there will crack on with a long-range.ones move the camera point it back down.you can see you see the true distance.because as you might be able to see that.just disappear that one up there’s 100.yards so yeah.let’s crack on.okay so walk in 30 yards still walk in.Jesus Christ he’s not here is this 40.yards we open up 50 yards and these were.the challenge officially side so see.what 16 line surfing was the original.post 60 yards blinded pieces I think.this was a bit of a graze but hits a hit.this one here he’s off the tee yeah.there we go that was a hit when it happy.days.so let’s load that for 80 90 and we’ll.finish off 100.got it.right so just walked up to target just a.double check 90 yards one very destroyed.egg and then we were citizen works.zooming zooming zooming that was my.firing position just down the bottom.they just see the rifle hit zoomed in.all right so we’re going to do is say.goodbye to 90 yards and we’re going to.move up to 100 yards so I’m going to do.is I’ve got the big tripod with me here.I was going to turn this range marker.around and put the camera somewhere that.I don’t think it’s going to get shot and.yeah let’s do this okay guys so here we.are a hundred yards it’s worth noticing.I haven’t practiced a hundred yards.probably since the last time we filmed a.video for it.so I’m just going to walk down turn that.target run back down to the bottom or.putting up run more of a dawdle.and then yeah let’s see if we can finish.off on a hundred yards.you.okay guys so closer inspection what.looks like it’s happened cuz I’ve come.in just below and I’ve nicked the tea I.love it you know it has been struck um.but I’ll be honest fear until it.explodes.I think I’m going to keep going there we.go.it’s back up there 100 yards so the.target stays all the way down as you can.see I’ve swapped guns and the FX has.been a pig and holdovers all over the.place so we’ve got the easy HW out and.lo and behold it is bang on so where yes.let’s try to actually make it explode.hitting it and knocking off no that.doesn’t count in my eyes take two.okay so the results of tick T where is.it there we go.can’t deny that straight in wherever.that was in the relation of stuff as a.hundred yards from down by the Gateway.yeah hum I feel that surprised myself.there okay guys so there we have it nice.shooting exercise targets commonly known.as eggs from 30 to 100 yards and I’m.going to be honest it was a bit of a fun.one when I saw the chance to try this.one out and coming up I thought why not.and you know shooting we take it.seriously all the time sometimes it’s.nice to come and try and plink at this.range now I won’t go into the rights and.wrongs of shooting quarry at various.range I know.target wise and we can hit a hundred.yards quite happily you’ve seen in the.videos you’ve seen it here today without.too many problems you know 100 yards is.easy would I ever hunt at this rain to.the sub-12 absolutely not and basic.maths or to soon tell you that you know.it’s not humane now the the price and.the keen ID you may notice this isn’t a.wild cat I actually have sort of range.markers and little target cards.holdovers printed on we’re on a slight.Hill and they’re busy.it’s throwing the ranges out a little.bit so we went back to the HW of our.father successful HW novice as you can.hear it’s blowing a gale so to hit.anything I’ve been quite impressed and.but as I say the HW 100 continue so to.kind of prove itself in my opinion as.the best air rifle I think I’ve ever.owned and better than my a wolf better.than a wild cat we only got away for the.effects impact arrive at some point and.he might be a Minot if you’ve enjoyed.what you’ve seen obviously feel free to.subscribe any questions any comments.chuck them in the box below I would.really strongly urge you guys go and buy.some eggs get some golf tees and come.out on your local permission and just.have a bit of fun I’m filming this this.morning is probably the most fun thing I.have.an air rifle quite a while when it’s.your job when it’s your hobby what you.do on YouTube it kind of loses its fun.to come out and do something like this.has just been an absolute yeah he’s been.brilliant so anyway guys as I say any.questions Chuck and below thank you very.much for watching all videos coming seen.i’m just got a cutting edit a couple.more that we’ve got and pistols got the.video from cyprus coming up as well so.we are loads more coming so anyway stop.me waffling on enjoy the rest your day.guys and thanks for watching good shot. This is one helpful ingredient!
Long Range Sub 12 FT/LB Air Rifle Shooting - The Egg Challenge !
I be mad for modules, because they are the fancy!! So here we have it, the “egg sized challenge”! the other day one of the the challenge was raised to hit “egg sized targets” with a sub 12 ft/lb air rifle… so here’s our attempt! As you can see the wind was slightly stronger than we’d hoped but a half mildot hold seemed to sort that right out. targets were marked from 30 to 100 yards in 10 yard increments and were just normal medium sized eggs.

we’ll have a think of a few more challenges to try out as this was one of the most enjoyable things to film i think so far and i’d urge you to go out and give it a try yourself!

rifle used in the end was my trusty Weihrauch HW100 KT LM topped with sportsmatch mounts and a Hawke Sidewinder scope, all sub 12 ft/lb and .177! the final rifle seen in the video was a Hatsan AT44 – with no scope or sights!

as always if you have any questions feel free to post them below!

thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe!