Kalibrgun CAPYBARA Semi-Auto PCP Rifle (.22 caliber) 2018 Best Air Rifle Review, this is the brand-new kalibrgun capibara and it’s going to be two air guns of arizona in about four months this is only comes in 22 caliber it’s a semi-automatic and what I like about it is that it has a fold down bipod right here so these are some pictures they have it’s gonna come in carbon fiber I guess and it holds extra magazines down there we’ll stay here so you get 18 shots in your clip you have 18 round clip probably get more shots than that it’s got this square barrel right here and it’s only come to 22 like I said and it’s shooting a 22 caliber at 900 feet per second let’s see they did say that it’s going to come with different stocks it’s regulated so that’s cool comes with a regulator it’s probably gonna be super accurate these guys are known for very accurate guns and as you can see here I’m going to show you in a second but it’s got these clips right here and you can fit some extra clips in there this is your clip right here it holds 18 rounds and I’m gonna try and call air guns of Arizona and see what the price is going to be on these bad boys but I’m not sure like I’m hoping they’re not too much because I definitely want to get one and I’d probably go for the carbon fiber this is uh that’s just a charging handle so you just rack that back and get your semi-auto going cuz it’s semi-automatic so I’m gonna compare this to my steyr semi-automatic hunting auto five which is a really super high-end 22 semi-auto and so this is gonna be my next 22 semi-auto definitely I haven’t got a caliber gun ever but I know that those in ED guns and a few other are those more bullpup brands I guess you’d call them are really accurate we’re talking one hole one hole guns so I have been waiting to get one of those and so now it’s the time I’m definitely just going to buy one of these I’m going to stay about my money for it and probably get the carbon fiber right there so like I said for months so let me see February March April May so April or May these here are going to be at air guns of Arizona so I that’s the only place you’re gonna be able to get them in the US so uh as soon as I get one I’ll be reviewing it in detail so I can’t wait This is one adorable component!
Kalibrgun CAPYBARA Semi-Auto PCP Rifle (.22 caliber) 2018 Best Air Rifle Review
Meet this awesome ingredient! This video shows the new Kalibrgun CAPYBARA Semi Auto PCP rifle that will be coming out around May 2018. Airguns of Arizona will be selling the semi automatic PCP air rifle in .22 caliber. The most exciting Semi Automatic air rifle to hit the market in years. 4500 PSI operating pressure and a built in bi-pod. This BullPup style PCP rifle is going to be awesome!

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