IWA 2014 – Walther LGU Air Rifle – Under Lever Spring Air Gun, [Music] this is the ID that we weigh classic outdoor sports show 2014 in urine burg Germany not a show for the public but for the manufacturers and traders of the shooting industry with special permission granted for filming I will show some video shorts of some of the latest products from the best manufacturers about to hit our shelves [Music] I’ve caught up with Allen bolts of our necks Allen I’m gonna try and shake your hand there good to see you and Hugh Jass now Allen we’re on the Umarex stand here I do in Germany and you have got first this is the new Walther LGV now tell us a bit more about it it’s it’s the warfare algae you which is designed to be a premium rifle at an affordable price the typical retail price on this we imagine to be and we’ll recommend it to be about three for $9.99 sorry 314 up that is fine is amazing obviously what this can do that’s amazing absolutely okay it’s a Manilla design stock internals same as the LGV which is reputed to be the best off-the-shelf airight yeah available in both 177 and 2 – you know eleven point four to eleven point seven foot-pounds right half inch you and F threaded adapter available you’re under lever with all sorts of safety features probably the best off-the-shelf gluing on any air rifle in the world it’s a phenomenal gun stock is absolutely beautiful the handling is phenomenal and you know I just cannot see that you can go wrong with this gun I the Challenger which I videoed I mean accuracy on that after 30 meters was just pallet on pallets absolutely fantastic so with the fact that you’ve got the under leaver system now I’ve just been talking to I think he’s named Jurgen I think is that right who actually designed and built this and he tells me that all this section in here now has its own piston rings in there this this unit here actually seals when it closes which is something which is now unheard of so this really is a first it’s got so many unique design features that you know you can’t even talk and the LGV is in its own right the best off-the-shelf springer egg and available is very many people even though it’s got a fixed barrel system on the LGB many people still want it on under leaver with a complete experiment this is what they’ve got and you know the pricing is right the quality is right is in German made it’s a Walther yes it’s a German gun with them with a UK heart brilliant it’s fantastic so our mechs are bringing these in since it’s blue sadly into the UK so everything comes through you guys everything comes through us the guarantee the trigger will be metal for the UK which is unique to the UK okay we’re a fussy Bunch in the UK we can be sometimes and to be fair to Umarex they respond and that’s what we want where they can and they make it affordable okay and when April April we’ve already got ours on order will be amongst the first in the world to get them the UK public will get them first the press are salivating over this gun yeah I want to try it now again really it really is very very good I’ll give you a priority pass for the shooting range Oh fantastic Alan lovely to see you again shoot I’m sure we’ll see you again after angry air support jobs yes though thank you very much check it out [Music] you [Music] My brother says this plugin is elegant.
IWA 2014 - Walther LGU Air Rifle - Under Lever Spring Air Gun
My smart sister says this plugin is very elegant. Walther LGU Air Rifle – Under Lever Air Gun – a first look filmed at the IWA Germany show, with Alan Phelps of Armex UK.
I fired this rifle, and met the designer, and WOW have we got a great air gun coming to us this year, in April hopefully.
Watch this space……

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