Introduction to Air Rifle Shooting | TAOutdoors, hi I met Brian from furnace milk air gun range where you can come here and have a data kit type shooting scenario or you can we offer an annual membership these are the type of guns that we use here this is a 177 caliber air gun this has actually got a 10 shot multi shot magazine which is more used for hunting scenarios where you might like to take a second shot or for a follow-up shot to initial shots but this can cross over and be used on the air gun cause here it’s also comes with a single shot tray so you can convert it from a 10 shot to a single shot this is a daystate Merlin fitted with a 4 to 16 variable scope from things this is a daystate merlin pcp which is a air charged basically other not a spring loaded one like the old break barrels that you used to out say old they’re not really old and people still do come on to the course and use them but you will see more of these types of things now around the course of furnace mill here and it’s basically filled with compressed air there’s a filling nozzle there and you use the dive bottle to charge charge the air cylinder which is located in this area here up it’s a nice thumb hole grip on this one so to really come to an arrival to use so in contrast the one we just looked up there with the multi shot option things this is more of a target shooting rifle here to steer very very adjustable stock adjustable cheek piece shoulder piece for end hand gripping things it’s a single shot so you then load one pallet at the time pop the rifle that way and very much a target shooting rifle they’re slightly smaller scope on this one as compared to the other one we looked at it’s this has only got a 40 millimeter objective lens which is the objective lenses this one at the front here the other one had a 56 millimeter objective lens we tend to use these more so for the hunter field target shooting and the other one would be more at home with fields our shooting which is a slightly different discipline okay so we’re looking at a difference sort of rifle now this is still 177 caliber but it’s a break barrel so to cock it rather than it being pre charger there this one you have to pull the barrel over and one really important thing which I see a lot of people making mistake here is they let go this and it’s potentially very dangerous I’m not actually going to take my hand away from there because if you touch that trigger or it goes off that barrel can fly up and cause all sorts of dangers and things so when you load this hold the barrel pop the palate in there and keep your fingers away from the trigger at all times until you’ve topped the barrel there and and you raise the stakes shot in a safe direction so this is quite a suitable setup for the air gun range here at furnace mill the only difference you’ll notice with this one is it’s got an adjustable side wheel on the side there which is for adjusting the parallax which is basically depth of field or focus at a certain range and this is actually used more in the field target shooting scenario so basically what it you guys come along we’d love to see you here at furnace mill whatever standard a shooter you think you are we’ve got courses to suit all needs and all abilities and come and have a great day safe shooting here at furnace mill you This is another glamorous addon!
Introduction to Air Rifle Shooting | TAOutdoors
Meet this awesome constituent! We took the Totally Awesome camera’s to Furnace Mill Airgun range. Where we get some great insight into what you need to know with regards to Air Rifles. Owner Ed Brown talks you through the different types of Air Rifle, as well as how they work. He also explains some important safety factors to consider when using an Airgun. Furnace Mill has some fantastic airgun courses, including their famous Hunter-Field-Target shooting course and their zero-range.

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