Hunting with a BSA spring air rifle, I’m going back to my roots and going for a mooch about in the woods with an old Springpad break barrel air rifle with open sights now yeah that’s making things hard for myself but there really takes me back this is a BSA meteor which is the exact same gun I started off with when I was 11 or 12 and wasted thousands of hours doing exactly this just walking around the woods with this gun in my hands and for a bit of authenticity I’ve even fetched out the old wooly pulley and DPM camouflage it’s great to have all the modern technology and the you know fancy pneumatic air rifles with telescopic sights and all the rest of it but it’s a great way of honing your field craft skills and your accuracy and it’s a lovely way to spend a nice sunny day this sort of shooting is all about spotting your quarry in good time before it spots you and then working out a way of creeping in close enough for a shot without spooking it so you’ve got to be super stealthy lots of just gently moving from one shadow to the next and then watching waiting listening if it knows you’re there it’s all alert and you’ll never get close to it with a gun like this you really do need to get close I’ve just spotted a movement over there on the trees it’s a squirrel I think tea squirrels it is running about gathering up food saralyn get closer to so far so good now there’s no real cover here so the best I can hope for is just moves very slowly and not attract their attention that it’s our next tree oh my goodness as ones that they’re looking at those well – okay I’m now Bailey Morton ten yards away from those two squirrels slightly on edge so I’m just going to say here from an expert say good territorial behavior there big fella came piling out the Train chose the little rock then realtor a coupla times and the little ones gone away the people’s salad battle scratched himself now he’s disappeared T there’s some crows behind me they sound a bit agitated about something well there we are end of the day time to go home and nothing in the back to show for it but I don’t mind I’ve had a great afternoon beautiful day to be out I got really close to some roe deer and had a lovely view of them crept up posters and squirrels almost got a shot these old spring guns they really do make you concentrate on your field craft and getting in good and close to the quarry and that’s a challenge in itself so enjoyed it enormously and I shall definitely be doing that again This is one elegant component!
Hunting with a BSA spring air rifle
Meet this elegant extension!! James Marchington is going back to his roots – Using a BSA meteor he heads off into the woods to see if he can get close enough to shoot a squirrel.

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