HUNTING PELLET SHOOTOUT, [Music] what’s going on people this big ball of fire in the sky that we here in the Northeast haven’t seen for a long long time sure feels good happy spring 2019 to each and every one of you this is another Hajji motor production and we’re today we’re going to talk about pellets in hunting pellets performance and how much energy they’ll displace this is not a new topic but most of you that follow me in the forums know that I’ve been commenting that I’m working on a slug comparison video that being said before I move out of the pellets I want to make sure that I cover them thoroughly so what I’m going to do today is I’m going to take this ballistic gelatin which is the 20% and the overall length of this mic here’s what I’m thinking of doing guys we have the JSB haiti’s we have the jsb ultra shock I have the H and Hunter the h and n Hunter extreme the skank of ultra and last but not least the very affordable Crossman premier now with that many pellets and with this face if we look at the surface area of this face this is the surface area that I have to deal with so I have to try to get a representation and a square of that big so I put the target at about 25 yards away and here’s my thought I think and here’s my hope is that I only go about 4 inches into this block so if I only come in 4 inches I can do one set from this side as for low power and then spin it around and do a set at high power that’s the plan we’ll see how it works out I mean these pellets could twist and turn going through the gel and destroy the next path for me I don’t know I’m gonna wing it and see how it works what I’m gonna do guys is here’s the setup I’m gonna have a high-speed camera looking at the ballistic gel at 240 frames a second I’m going to have a camera like this that is looking onward closer to the block so we can see the point in and we can see the accuracy of the pellet and then downrange where I’ll be set up at the bench I’ll have a camera behind me that shows them as they go through the chronograph understand that this is a very complicated scenario because all those pellets that I named off all have different weights every one of them so it’s not fair to fly a twenty five point three nine at eight hundred feet per second and compare that against what the impact and kinetic energy transfer is going to be comparing it to a fifteen point eight nine grain pellet so this is gonna be a bit up in the air from you guys I think accuracy is key so whatever accuracy ad a diabolo or diablo style pellet that wasp waist pellet they fly typically around 882 890 feet per second that’s their sweet spot so I’m going to try to do what I call the low setting at that speed then I’m going to crank it up and try to get them if I can close to 1,000 maybe 950 feet per second that’ll be the high side and we can compare and see what happens with the expansion of each one of those that’s the plan guys I hope it works out let’s see how it goes okay guys the first up is the Crossman premier 14.3 grain ballistic block top-left corner we’re going to shoot it to target first and make sure i’m on and then second shots going into the ballistic gel [Music] [Music] next up JSP Hades okay guys this time skank Oh sixteen point six six top right corner of the ballistic Jill second attempt okay guys up next H&N hunters these are going to be shot at the second row first dot and these are 18 point two one great first shots just go to your ear shot to the shoreline [Music] why that went down the 720 feet per second I don’t know hey guys next up HNN hunter extremes the middle dot the second row these are eighteen point five two grain first shots going to be to aim it target to make sure that we’re good that I know mr. Joe [Music] [Music] okay guys the last in the series what I call the low-speed going to be the ASB ultras the ultra shocks bottom left-hand corner first is going to be a shot the second will be into the gel he’s going to jail okay guys this is my summary and final thoughts as we all knew going into this the higher the velocity the more the expansion rate of the lead so it’s not a fair comparison like I said from the very beginning to compare a very lightweight pellet against a heavy pellet going at the same speed they’re just going to expand differently so in here I tried my best to get those to go off and around somewhere between 850 and 900 and as you seen that for whatever the reason I couldn’t get them to fly consistent and if you look at the coronagraph – prior to the shot you’ll see that I took a initial shot to make sure that I was within the power range which was within that 850 to 900 but for some reason when I pulled the trigger those speeds went anywhere from 720 to over a thousand feet per second and I just couldn’t understand why so when we’re talking about these results let’s just talk about the results as to what they are and I’ve got to start saying number one and obviously the two top two winners of expansion rate were the two fastest flying pellets so there’s really no surprise there so number one was the skank Oh ultra shock at sixteen point six six grains it flew at 1068 feet per second hit the gel at somewhere around forty two foot-pounds of energy total depth of the of the penetration was two point two but its final death was that two inches so it was the most shallow going in and if he looked at the distorted distortion of the lead it was probably the best at 71% the Hades came in at 33% expansion and it also was flying close to a thousand at nine eighty three followed up by the hunter 28% expansion it only flew at 720 so if we take the low-speed and look at what it did in my opinion I think the hunter overall did the best skank Oh was going pretty fast but the hunter at that speed to get almost 30 percent expansion that once that’s up around 850 I’ll show you some results on that and I think you’ll be impressed next coming in is the JSP ultra shock and the only reason I gave that fourth-place even though it’s equal an expansion was because it hit the wood block as it passed through so it’s really not fair it wasn’t just a gel impact it hit the wood when it came off the backside which kind of expanded it more the hunter extremes also fluid through 836 feet per second around 10% expansion in the last with absolutely hardly no deformation at all was the Crossman premiere there was no deforming of the pellet in any way the thing pretty much came out the same way it went in because it’s so hard what I want to do now is I want to show a photo of the top three that were the top three expanders and what they looked like at almost 1,100 feet per second each one flown at almost 1,100 feet per second now the range in grains here goes from 15 point eight nine to six to 18 point two one so is a good range there and I think as you can see by this photo there’s some huge expansion on those three so those are the top three performers as far as I’m concerned low or high they will be the best so that’s all I’ve got guys I wish I wish I actually was more consistent with the shots on this but either way you see how they performed with the data given meaning this rate is the speed the was of the variable that I couldn’t keep under control but the medium we shot into was the same across all of and you got to see what it did at that speed so that’s gonna wrap it up for me guys I appreciate you watching the video leave your comments down below take it easy and we’ll see you on the next one My astonishing dad says this plugin is awesome!!
I like modules, because they are the glamorous. Pellets that are designed for hunting are supposed to impart as much of their energy as they can in the least amount time. It is this kinetic energy that causes shock and humane kills. In this video I will test six of the most popular hunting style all lead pellets buy shooting them into Clear Ballistics 20% Gelatin.

I video it from three different cameras and you will be amazed by the results.
The Airgun used to fly these pellets is the Huben K1 G5 in .22 Caliber. I used this airgun because of its huge power profile and ease of power adjustment. Even with this airgun trying to fly all the pellets at the same velocity proofed futile but the results of each pellet were very informative.

I will be follow up with a video that shows the grouping consistency of these six. The problem is that pellet accuracy has a lot to with the pellet and barrel relationship. Pellet “A” may shoot terrible in airgun “1” but shoot fabulous in airgun “2”. We will see what result we get.

The pellets tested in this video are:
Crosman Premier Hollow Point 14.13 gr
JSB Hades 15.89 gr
Skenco Ultra Shock 16.66 gr
H&N Hunter 18.21 gr
H&N Hunter Extreme 18.52 gr
JSB Ultra Shock 25.39 gr