how to shoot air rifle accurately break barrel spring piston, hi my name is Edward and I’m going to show you this gun this is my cross man Santa it’s a frame piston break barrel air rifle this type of gun is a very popular type of air able probably the best value in terms of power for dollar spent but the bang for buck is is very good with these literally but they’re a difficult gun to shoot accurately because of how they work I call it a spring piston break barrel air rifle some people just call it a break barrel some people call it a springer and some people call it that’s because pellet gun so if you’re one of those keep watching and I’ll help you do to get your shooting better first show you how it works for those of you who don’t know you to load it you have to pull the barrel down okay you can’t just like push it down it won’t go we have to kind of smack the here with your pump I guess then it’ll concrete you pull it down and you’ll feel some resistance until it’s reached maximum maximum extent of its travel and what you’re doing is you’re moving a piston inside this part of the gun removing a piston back all right and behind that system there’s a spring and in from the piston of course is a chamber full of air and that’s that chamber filled with air of course as a piston goes backwards and when the piston is all the way back when the barrel is all the way down that piston is always back and locks into place and I’ll show you the hole in there if you can see in a little holder that leads directly to the chamber and after the air will come out when you fire then you would put a pallet in this here’s at the back of the barrel first appellate until it’s flush and then put the barrel back up like this and the gun is now ready to fire or a little bit if I put a pellet in there but I have too many I’ve seen too many gun instructional videos go bad so I give it a chance to fire while I keep talking absent-mindedly but I’ll give you some tips now there are three main things that pay attention to first of all is the condition of the gun if it’s used like secondhand or he’s on those history or whatever check to make sure that even working problems if it’s not accurate okay check the site especially the one on the back it’s the one that has the adjustment on it it’s the one that typically goes give the trouble check them on the front too but it’s usually monetarily stalls it’s the barrel I check it anyway to make sure it’s not loose if either one of the sites is wiggling or there the beacon squirm or you know they’re broken obviously building that’s an obvious problem it can’t be accurate if the sights aren’t working properly right subjective sights make sure they’re working well there’s a peasant’s scope on it I can actually use both the schools an essay on this gun because of my stand offs or the scope have a hole in it so I can see through the see through that and I can use either that at the site or there at the school box down the pound every barrel spring this air rifle has a double recoil checked when it fires it kicks backwards because that system launches forward kick the gun backwards and then when the piston reaches the front of the travel it stops and it pulls a gun forward again you get a double recoil right let fires right they’re responsible time because right when you’re trying to keep it steady and you know aimed at the target which makes these done prior to fire but how hard is the accurate but that double recoil action can actually spoil a little it can make a creep out of adjustment so if you notice that the scope of your pellet gun is off to one side and you tuned it accurately and then actual Eilis off again it could be that it’s creeping on you because of the way to go act some people even say that that double recoils can down we disclose like permanently destroy it it would seem to me if if that’s the case the scope is really proof quality it should be damaged by that but at any rate if the school is staying in tune on your guns you’ll have to use basil won’t be able to use that one try and find one that has a good history of working on a pellet gun and go to the forums or ask questions review reviews or ever and it just looking at is it’s good for up shrink this and air able one more thing I’ll show you is this joint here where the barrel goes down if that joint has play in it that’s a big problem and it’s especially a problem with guns that have a lot of you seen them if you can take the barrel and and turn out like this and it Wiggles at all that’s a problem if you can take it and push it sideways like like this ring at all that’s a problem if it has any play any movement on whatsoever other than just you know the going down action then it is a problem you have to deal with that joint that’s pivot and net uses a screw in there or like a small bolt up goes through and sometimes you can just clean it up about fixes it sometimes you have to take it apart and put in a shim or decoder shim or you know each gun is different I can’t I can’t tell you how to fix every one but you’ll have to somehow remedy that so that there’s no play at all in it okay once you put it back together and here you have how you want it put some thread locking compound on the other threads of that screw so that it doesn’t appear again and then but I think but everything back to how it was and that’s true for any screws on the gun any pellet gun the kicking action can make sure you come loose everywhere even on the school for whatever ah so anytime take the gun apart don’t be afraid to put a little lock page or some thread Locker on the tooth to keep it from month coming okay second point is pellet the the matter of pellet selection is I think underrated a lot of people don’t realize what a difference it can make for a pneumatic gun it’s a little different this is my show you this is my cross man 1377 American classic this is a pneumatic multi Park on you pump it up wear like this and then stores air pressure in here and when you fire it you devote it to the to the bolt like this and then when you fire it the air releases right and what happens with a gun like this is all of the air comes out at full pressure right away and that I think can make these guns part of the reason these guns are more accurate that and the fact that they don’t do a double recoil and fire they just let the arrow right because there’s no mechanical spring learning to do back and forth but then what happens in in the brief barrel is that the piston starts to move right and it builds pressure in the table and it moves the more it builds more precious and Bill’s not Croatian filled appellate starts to move and at some point during that that that Pistons travel it will develop the maximum pressure available and then it’ll get the pellet going of the barrel but the air pressure develops gradually relative to the pneumatic I show you is it doesn’t come on all in one big burst and what happens is when a pallet if you look at the back of the pallet is concave right or not not concave really but it’s hollow and kind of a Kopke back and it’s built like that for a number of reasons but what it does is the air pressure gets inside there and the when the air pressures there it expands the tobacco Kelly it presses it up are pushing it upwards that does two things one is it makes the pellet skirt engage the rifling on the door so it presses against the inside of the barrel I’m going to get spinning really nicely going to come with assuming the barrel is rifles which Poston are and also that that quite expansive field off the pellets is that clear but not against the board to keep air from getting past the pellets and because the pneumatic is delivered all over the air pressure right away it instantly stands upstairs and the pellet fires well with the great barely build this pressure kind of gradually of different callicles and at a different rate and the pelt will be partly down the barrel before fully and keep in the rifling and it’s because of that I find that the brake barrel rifle or more sense to develop selection but not approve it and because of that you will have to try you might have to cry quite a few different colors and then hopefully you’ll find one in for too long that you know that works well but in the case of this little little 1377 I think I went to five count with it and down the sixth drive I found on network issues a lot of fellas well but there’s one and it was not an obvious one it disease all of us three girls that was the one that works really well all the other one groups cooking is good but that powerboard easy for some reason it’s superb at different events so I found the ideal calico discuss okay this other one is I’m still looking I’ve induced italic now and I found several that are good and I found one that brings back okay and it’s the Godman destroyed all those ones with coming a flathead like a lot better but it’s sort of a concave with the world plunge in the middle okay useless in this job he dropped well short of the target and they got me kinda claims on the retired or medical but the the Pelican actually watch it go or get low you could like to go and I believe that because it’s not trapping the air properly behind you okay bottom what I was going to see was that the climb found is that the piston you know it builds pressure in here and then that pressure speeds beyond the palate if the pelvis trap the air what that means is that piston is just going to climb to this travel like I’m just applying right through this and it’ll mess flam up against the forwards and you’ll feel the gun jar more this usually does and they’ll kind of make a climb sound instead about point you know how it got us close to feel and sound because with a proper firing the pellets will seal off and that that piston moving will build up air pressure and the pellet will trap all of the air and it will it will resist the movement of the piston forward it kind of muffle it and we defend them but that will have more of a gentle passage to its stroke and not only will be quieter like kind of going instead of a clang but it will also give you much of a jerk because it’s cushioned by the air whereas in fact if that air isn’t sealed against there the skirt of the pellets and it gets passed with both the barrel pass the pellet not only will you you know you’ll feel the clang and give you a sharp sharp jolt but that air getting past the pellet is obviously not available to push the pellet right so it will reduce the power and probably reduced accuracy too because having a turbulent air we just ahead of the pail exiting the barrel that can’t be good for accurate to eat a thing so choose your pellets wisely some manufacturers give you kits readout like a hundred of each kind of pelops I still have like four different varieties in it and the kit here with four hundred in it and you could try the different styles and if you find one that works and you can start organ control ten of that right but you know just just keep trying different palettes until you find one that works you can read up on the forums too and ask people if there’s a particular one it works I can’t tell you what this gun though I haven’t had a very long I got that set the pistol for for longer bottom so far I have been using lorica action Sarika hammer you know what that is go look it up they work fairly well and also having some success with a DD hollow-point – but maybe effective my mind trying to fool me that they’re good because they work so well on the other go but definitely found out the Destroyers the only thing the distort destroyers destroy is my confidence when shooting the gun okay one more thing and that is how you hold it go and you already know that the gun kicks back and moves forward it’s fire and rather than trying to hold a really firm so it can’t move at all there’s usually better off to just let isms okay but control this movement don’t oppose it dis control it and think of it why do is I think of it as a pool cue when you’re playing pool that the cube goes back and forth the athletic will back and forth to fuck tissue great but you keep it aligned with the ball and it goes back and forth I actually sometimes use the cue you hold on my gut on the barrel I hold like this and then the gun can go like it it can actually jump and there are other ways to hold it you find what works for you everyone will be a little different but it mostly this this hand here that from Han that will you know it’ll group the back part of it the stock and about where it sits against dear your arm your body naturally controls that fairly well and it’ll bounce against issues like that and that’s that’s probably fine but make sure this one is this is the one that will jump okay so find a way to Hold’em believe it or not sometimes standing up and shooting free animals the best really defense if you try and put it against like that get the post or something to stadia that something’s actually worse because that will make it difficult to if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re not comfortable holding it properly that can actually that additional steadiness control it off because it’s once again it you’ll find yourself resisting the movement as opposed to supporting with a gun and letting the weight do whatever want so that’s pretty much all out to see the there is some word of to that the different variants of certain styles government can negatively I live in Canada so I have the version that’s below 500 feet per second is performance a gun I bought it without little item firearms lay below 500 feet per second and these gun a lot of these guns built in the United States as unregulated guns which means that they shoot whatever they shoot whatever whatever power that manufacturer designed that is the velocity and the power that we have but to sell in a Canadian market they restrict the power of the gun deliberately which which is kind of good for us because then we can still buy it without getting a license but you can buy two versions of the governor’s like that they’re both velocity and them is a high velocity but the gun is naturally designed with the high velocity one so when you take that piston and reduce it its strength or you restrict the flow of the air or whatever methods they use to reduce the power of the gun you can affect its accuracy believe it or not and like I was explaining earlier if you don’t have the air pressures built behind us kidnap them tell it properly then it doesn’t seal off as well and it doesn’t right engage the Riesling as well so pay attention to that – if you have a license or if you’re going to get one just just go get it before you buy the gun right then you can buy the high-velocity one and they get their firearm safety course or whatever get the high-velocity one the gun will work the way God intended for it to work and it will be some lane restrictive things that gum that is you know working in digital pay attention to that this one here is I have high hopes for this one yet I have not very long I’ll keep shooting it and there hopefully I find the magic pellet for it if you have any any tips or anything to share let me know so that I can shorten my search for pellets and if I find anything I’ll let you know as always if you like the video here and if you want more videos subscribe please you My nice brother says this plugin is fancy!!
how to shoot air rifle accurately break barrel spring piston
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