HOW TO: Put a bipod on your rifle/air rifle (EASY instructions), hello and welcome to a video in which I.will be showing you how to put a bipod.on your rifle to do this you will need a.few things you need a power drill you.will need a set of sling studs they are.available online and you will need a.bipod you can get these from Amazon or.Ebay I’ll provide some links down the description for you now of studs what you’re going to need’re going to need the shorter of the.two because you they’ll generally a two-pack and if you’re fixing a.bipod to the front of your rifle like I.imagine many of you are the shorter what you will need now as you can the picture they come with a little.washer in this case it’s the little.white bit of plastic on the set that I.have and you need to make sure that you.don’t lose that to install your’ll need quite a comprehensive set of.very small drill bits because you’ll.need to be drilling pilot holes and then.enlarging it and what you want to do’ll need to measure how long the.thread is on your shorter sling stud’ll want to mark off on your drill.bit that measurement so that you don’t.drill too deep once you’ve marked up.your drill bits it’s time to take your.rifle out of its stock this will work.for air rifles and any other rifles or.firearms that you might want to add a.bipod to we’re going to want to do is.take it out and then you’re going to.want to mark up with some tape masking.tape or white electrical tape works fine.where you want to drill the hole’re going to want to use a ruler or.some calipers to find the correct place.and then you just mark up some pencil or.a pen on your tape and you’ll create.little cross for yourself now lay out.your stock securely and with a nail it.might be worth just breaking the that you have no slippage when you.start drilling the nail and Hammer is.perfect for this task and then you’re.ready to drill I recommend a 1.millimeter drill bit for the first make sure you’re drilling.perpendicular to the angle of the bottom.of your.rather than the top because you’re not.installing the by put on the top your.insulin the bipod on the bottom now back.out regularly is required this is a.hardwood stock as I mentioned most of.yours will be as well so you might get.the drill bits stuck occasionally if.necessary just a back out try again.clamp your drill back down mine was.running low on battery at this point and.Here I am just putting drop out and.wiping away the dust now you’re going to.want to drill down with your 1 no drill.bit until you reach that little white.line you’ve created for yourself at the.correct once you’ve changed up to a bigger.drill bit you can start drilling it.should go in a little bit easier but.remember to back out quite often’ll have a lot of a hardwood sawdust.and search that will need to come that’s just fine right there and.when you already move up to a bigger.drill bit still.I think largest I went with this is.three point five millimeters and that’s.a just just under the thread size or.around the thread saw read diameter I.guess of the sling studs with my largest.drill but I didn’t worry about taping up.because you can feel and hear when it.bottoms out at the bottom of your.existing hole this is just a widening.out a little bit once that’s done you’re.going to want to put your little stud in.and start twisting it in with the allen.key that probably came with your bipod.but I use the cheap Chinese one from.Amazon and you’re going to make sure you.get it nice and tight and don’t put the washer on but you’re going to.want to make sure that you have the.holes facing outwards because that’s bipod will attach there will be two.little rods that you’ll need to line with the holes in your sling.stud and then you want to turn the.little knob on your bipod so that it.tightens up and once you’ve got it.finger tight you can use the allen key.there’ll be a little slot in the center.and you can use that to tighten it.further so that it doesn’t come loose.during use and that’s it you’re done.your bipod is now attached if you fold.down the legs which should be underneath.the barrel if you put it on the wrong.way no worries you can just take it off.and put it back on the correct way and.we’re done I hope you’re happy with the.results if you have any questions to post down in the comments below.if you liked the video feel free to and if you really liked it feel subscribe to see my future content.good bye. This is one interesting plug-in!
HOW TO: Put a bipod on your rifle/air rifle (EASY instructions)
This is the nice add-on ever%sentence_ending A quick tutorial in how to mount a bipod to your air rifle or normal rifle. If you have any questions, please post in the comments!

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