How to Make • Air Rifle QEV Valve (Quick exhaust valve), hi guys in this video I will show you and explain you how a QV works and how to build one so this is the QV valve is absolutely necessary for any type of airgun to activate the QV valve with – we need a valve to let the air going out from the time like this every time that the air go out behind it activates the QED shooting cold air out it’s very very very fast so this is the QV valve I am representing purple these two pieces and is simple connector with inside the small tube behind it there is a male to male connector inside this connector there is a small piston they push down the front with a spring and back there is a something to activate the QV when I put the air inside the QV and I let the air going out from behind we have now low pressure so the pressure sucks the small piston behind now all the high pressure air that is on the front can go out very very fast from the purple thing so this is the equivalent the first thing we need is a a connector a half inch connector inside it we have to glue it a small tube a simple tube like this using some epoxy glue and we have to screw everything inside a half inch female tee like this I have to say perfectly in the middle like this now I take a rubber washer I cut a small one and I put it on a six centimeters long screw like this behind this rubber washer I put a metal washer that push the small gasket on the front I stop everything with a small nut behind it I continue the process using another metal washer this time I take rubber or washer and this washer is very important because works like an orange I put two metal washer and stop everything with a lot the harder I put this nut the large much larger cut becomes this black rubber this little piston f2 slides inside the half inch adapter like this remember is very important that the black rubber we did earlier have to don’t have to be very very precise f2 leaks a little bit of air so the tear can pass behind it like this almost perfect when we choose this piece is very important to take it or move without this welding strip because if to slide inside very easily I put some oil on the piston and behind the piston a small spring that push it on the front so let’s see how this small piston works can go back and forward like letting the air go through the first piece we did earlier now we take another adaptor I screw it on behind it like this and I put behind the spring a metal washer then this metal washer have to go inside another adaptor half inch adapter like this so that the spring push the piston very firmly on the the left part of the grieving so let’s see how to activate the QV you can use a simple valve but for me is much easier to build these parts so I take another rubber washer I put it on the screw I take gas tube connectors have finished half inch gas connector and this rubber washer can move back and forward using a spring keeps it close I put a metal washer to stop the spring and I stop stop everything with not when I push this part the air can go behind the white rubber and ask you this behind the curvy this activates the QV so let’s see how it works this system so the greevey is the most important piece for an air rifle because let air go out very very very fast in just in a second we have all the power we need so I’m check also my other videos where I show you how to build the air rifle and all my DIY tutorials I’m sorry for the bang the bed in English is not my first language I’m Italian so enjoy the tutorial and let me know if you understand it if you like it if you want more video like this on them on air guns like this so see you next week with another video you This is another huge plugin.
How to Make • Air Rifle QEV Valve (Quick exhaust valve)
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