How To Maintain Airgun, Air Pistol or Air Rifle : American Airgunner, These addons are elegant!
How To Maintain Airgun, Air Pistol or Air Rifle : American Airgunner
This is the clever plugin ever%sentence_ending This AirgunnerTV is a Throwback on How To Maintain Your Airgun and Air Rifle including tips and tricks about pellet rifles and CO2 air pistols with Rossi Morreale, Tom Gaylord, Jim Chapman, and Rick Eutsler.

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This extended American Airgunner Round Table about gun maintenance video is brought to you by Umarex USA:

This video contains maintenance suggestions and airgun tips, many of which did not air in the TV Show as seen on Pursuit Channel. Some of the questions answered in this video are:
– How long can I leave CO2 capsules in my gun?
– How do I keep the valves in my PCP gun in good shape?
– How do I keep the seals in my CO2 gun in working condition?
– What kind of oil do I use in my airgun?
– What kind of oil do I use on my airgun?
– What do I do if my air rifle is not shooting good?

The Airgunners in this video suggest putting a drop of Silicon Oil on the seal of your airgun or on the tip of a CO2 capsule EVERY time you insert a cartridge. RWS Chamber Lube is good for this. One bottle will last a long time:

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