How to fill your air rifle using a 300 bar cylinder bottle, Oh again one band for the icon since I’m going to be giving you a quick demonstration how to fill up your rifle using a 300 bar cylinder bear in mind every manufacturer is going to have a different charging adapter I’m going to demonstrate the fill procedure with the BSA charging adapter right first thing push your adapter into the hole at the end of your rifle like so make sure it’s seated properly now take you to the bottle alright this is important this is the blade valve so you must sort them out and shut the valve off do a good nip up and then very gently checking out before you do this check out which fuel pressure rifle feels to just so happens this feels to 200 bar now very gently turn the bow open the valve until you get to your desired fill pressure like so shut the valve off and then before you take the fill probe out of the rifle you must release the bleed valve because at the moment there’s 200 bar of pressure trapped in the hose and if you pull it out it’ll make a big bang and scare hell over there you go all your debts are out and there you go you comes filled These extensions are fancy.
How to fill your air rifle using a 300 bar cylinder bottle
These plugins are quite glamorous!! Ben shows you how to fill your air rifle using a 300 bar cylinder bottle.

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