How to fill a PCP air rifle – Expert tips, [Music].[Music].the way of pre-charged gun works is this.piece here is a reservoir that holds.high-pressure air that’s filled through.connector at the end and one thing you.must do is ensure that stays beautifully.beautifully clean once the gun is full.this one for example will give around 75.shots in 177 I’ve never ever fired that.many shots in a hunting trip so what I take my dive bottle I connect the.hose fill it to the manufacturers.recommended pressure and no more you.will not get any more power or any more.shots if you overfill it this one.requires 190 bar this is a 300 bar if you opened it up I filled that to.300 bar you would simply lock the entire.thing up you’d have to take it to the.gunsmith for him to depressurize and all working again now all I need is open the valve and slowly fill must go very very slowly as the air.goes into the reservoir it actually.heats up now if you fill it too will achieve depression you want you.turn it off and as you go away actually.cools down so you may have had it a but by the time it’s cooled it’s.maybe down to 180 so you haven’t really.filled it properly so go nice and may be worth stopping halfway give it.a minute to cool and then just top it up.just get that last few psi in but go.nice and slowly as you’re doing it make.sure that everything is beautifully.clean and as I say I always keep that.plug in there so the hose is perfectly.clean at all times.[Music].[Music]. This is another huge extension!
How to fill a PCP air rifle - Expert tips
I like items, because they are the huge. Technical editor of Airgunner and Airgun World magazines, Phill Price, explains how to fill your PCP to ensure the rifle performs to it’s full potential.
Phill has years of experience shooting many guns from many manufacturers. He offers some sound advice to anyone considering buying an air rifle

This film was first shown on AirHeads programme #4 February 20th.

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