You don’t see many tutorials on how to choose an air rifle. The internet fraternity knows not so much about it. Being team air gun specialists, we are obliged to share you information on this topic. This article will shed led on air gun glossary. It’s hard to put the range, engineering and technicality surrounding the guns in layman terms. Being no aliens to explaining stuff to people, we will do just the same. Let’s us take you through the fantastic German engineering, British engineering you need to understand. When it comes to air rifles, it’s a case a being a lot more than what meet the eye.

Air guns Vs. Regular guns

Air gun is all about pellets. These are not your regular guns. No expert will suggest air guns for personal safety. However, they still have their place for their benefits. They cost you a lot less. There is not much fuss about safety of usage. You don’t have to worry too much about the local regulations and laws. Though air guns look as real as your regular, they can’t replace regular guns. Nevertheless, there are specific uses for air guns. You can make use of it to an extent, even in residential areas.

Every type is irreplaceable…

There are multiple types of proportions inherent to the air rifles. From spring power rifles to pre-charge PCP rifles, there is too much to understand. Every type has got its pros and cons. Every type of rifle has its merits and uses. Everything has got the reason to be there in the first place. First thing a buyer should think about is the reason why he or she is buying the rifle. Put your reasons into a piece of paper. They are so much important. The purpose of the rifle should dictate the kind of range you should limit yourself into.

Common uses for air rifle

  • Target shooting: It includes practicing at shooting range, pilling and target shooting competition. Air guns have been part of Olympics since 80’s. Plinking is the practice of target shooting where shooter uses homemade targets like bottles and cans. This is something that happens typically in your backyard or in open field.
  • Hunting: Air rifles are definitely not the big guns. They can still be used to hunt small games. Rabbits and squirrels are classic examples of small game hunting. For hunting you cannot use plastic pellets, since they are affected by wind. Lead or steel BB offers the right weight and speed required.
  • Pest control: Very much similar to small game hunting, these rifles helps get rid of common pests such as mice and rat. They do not cost too much like the regular ammunition. It is safer to go with air guns rather than regular guns for pest controls in residential areas. 1000 fps is sufficient for the pests or small game.

Spring piston rifles

Your perfecting starting point is the backbone spring piston operating rifle. The prices vary in a great deal. You can get the perfect wallet to suit your wallet. These rifles can be used without the scopes. That will be a neat cost cutting idea. Nevertheless open sides are not easy to use after the 25 yards. Such long distance warrants scopes put on for the rifle. Manual safety is available even in the low cost range. Mostly they are place right near the trigger blade. Silencer elements are most of the times placed at the open end. It takes out so much of the noise.

How spring piston rifles work?

Modus operandi of spring pistons is easier to understand. You got a spring and a piston primarily. When you cock the rifle and force the trigger, the spring forces the piston within the rifle which forces the flight. The more money you spend on the rifle, the higher quality of engineering you get to experience. You will notice a difference in quality when you use a British made high quality rifle after starting out from a Turkish made basic model. The power definitely is not going to vary much regardless of whether the rifle is made in the Far East, Turkey, Spain, UK or Germany. They do the same job and knock down at the same time.

Quality of Engineering

Nevertheless, the difference in handling the rifle becomes easy with higher quality of engineering behind it. For instance, even in the same spring operated category, you get more weight and bulk to it, as you pay higher. In a spring rifle, weight plays in your advantage. It’s a tradeoff because you got to carry it too. But a perfectly well calibrated weight isn’t a baggage to carry. Heavier rifles cut down on the recoiling needs. German rifles weigh more than their far eastern counterparts. You are effectively talking about difference between 150 pounds and 350 pounds. The additional weight doesn’t call for more maintenance. All you have to do is run your oily rag over the rifle to wipe out sweat coming from your hands.

Pre-charged Pneumatic rifle

PCP rifles bring more power and precision for your shooting. You can reload and refill these rifles with pump and tank. It is capable of storing more air and can manage up to 3000 PSI. Since the only moving element is the air coming out through, hence the rifles can be silent ones as well. Multi shots rifles are available in this category. They can come with tons of shots. These types of rifles come manageably heavy. These are best used as hunting tools. If your sole purpose is pest control, this is a good category of rifle to go with. All your shots happen at the same power and speed.


There are other types of air guns beyond the premises of spring and PCP too. Familiarize yourself with that.  You also have to familiarize yourself with accessories. It helps when you buy it as a package in Amazon. Learn about different types of scopes, sights, charging kits, targets, pellets, etc…