How to change an air rifle breech seal, one yeah thought I’d do a video how to change a breech seal or.breech washer in an air rifle so this is.the seal that’s here that’s still here.when that goes pow dropping your gun the.accuracy will go what happens is’ve got an older gun the wash is all.sort of just crack and disintegrate.stuff like that so I’ll need to replace.the one in this gun this Webley I change no I need my yes a you can get the washers or the breech seals easy enough off of ebay.this was about five quid you have two.options the nuclear one and the this is for this the BSA’s the bloke.recommended getting the clear one you.reckon they lasted longer so what I’ you is taking out the out ones and.then putting in the new ones so well take the angle of this camera down.onto a table and I’ll show you how I’m.gonna change these seals all right so.all you’re really gonna need to do an event table whatever and possibly.a pin you can get these watches out with.your fingers you may need a pin you may.need a knife this is just a little you.know anything of a little sharp tip to.get the old seal out possibly a rag to.clean any excess bits out know the way this obviously want to make sure the.gun is empty and all that I don’t even.fully cockpit I’ll just open the barrel.and I’ll just do it like this you can.get the seal out like this and get it.back in and there’s no danger to you.this way.most guns probably be reasonably safe did cut them but I would not.recommend doing that because there is a.chance it can shut back up on your know even if you are the safest.person gun so this is the easiest way it so just up the breech open a they have to seal there get your PIN.depending on how hard is to get out it out with the pin and there may need to open the breech a little.bit more that’s it and as you can see.with this Webley lovely and clean in.there so that’s that one so I’ll get the.BSA light and has already got the seal.took out of it and they cannot to this so you can see it obviously.this one’s got an old one in as well or.I’ve done this so let’s take this one as.well so just stick the pin in there is.out it’s there easy really you know you.saw how easy that just came out then so.take that out put that to the side.this one could do possibly a little bit.was clean but just have a look inside.there most sights a bit big on this just want to get rid of any dirt.anything and then it’s ready to put the.other seals in right I’ve got the seals here this is the BSA this will fit in the majority size rifles.this is the Webley seal this one is for.a Webley stingray may fit you knows I.don’t know but this one I know.supposedly fits in Marples so to put.these in now you let you just.push them back into that gap first do it.this way I see it a lot better.oh that’s the hole for the seal to go in.and literally just push it in and it that one’s done so now the Bradley.again you know it’s simple enough the.Webley you may want to just open it up.slightly more on this he’s saying that.on both of them there’s a flat side and.a rounded side the rounded side is the.outside the flat side goes inside so.again just place it in and that is it.done let’s make sure it’s fully in it’s.funny see it in shut the gun and then.that’s it they’re done and that is change the seals on a break barrel.air I feel very simple very easy we do is buy two seals take your up.seals out of a pin or a knife clean out.the hole put the new one in right.I hope enjoyed the video if you found it.helpful it’s quite simple fast video not.something difficult alright say like.all right before you leave if you ever.wanted to support this tell me you buy a patreon or by shopping and gearbest there’s below if you need that remember want to get full notifications for.this channel click the bell and I’ll later.Cheers. My brother says this plugin is huge!!
How to change an air rifle breech seal
I be mad for plugins, because they are the smart. How to change an air rifle breech seal or breech washer on any air rifle or air gun that uses a replaceable breech seal, this may be necessary if your air gun or air rifle is losing power, or has become less accurate or is just old. AIR GUN BREECH SEALS ON EBAY –
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