Homemade Compressed “Air Rifle”., all right so I showed you the capabilities of this fire extinguisher that piece of pipe into those safety glasses and the piece of plywood there I think it was a 5/8 that kept say and half-inch but now I want to show you what I did with that system kind of make it fun something you could use I put it together as a little handheld blowgun compressed air rifle system you see has a little stock in don I’ll show you here in a moment I made a trigger system which you see here is the trigger sticking down has a single pivot point right here just a bent-over piece of metal on one side there it goes all the way through the center core right there and you can see it’s just two pieces a flat stock metal it’s got a gap between them I’ve got some bolts all holding that together and I got my trigger sandwiched between those piece of wire holding in between that just giving me my pivot point so that I can arc that trigger if you notice here although at the back of the fire extinguisher the piece that you would have clamped down on to make it so it release the gas and the fire extinguisher and that coat hanger I just drew it with a drill hole all the way through the end piece here the fire extinguisher goes through it and bends over I’ll show you that from a little better angle so you can see the bend in it it just gives me my catch that goes all the way down I trill the hole in the top end of that piece of flat steel that I’m using for my trigger you see the coat hanger goes through that got the pivot point there like I showed you and when I pull the trigger it compresses the top of the fire extinguisher so it gives us our gas release as a valve makes it nice and easy to do so those are easy to build trigger system for this gas release and here is how you load it so I’ve got first of all just a couple mounts across here that give it just enough gap in the mount that the pipe can slide back and forth these straps that I have going all the way around the fire extinguisher they as you can see here these straps are the bracing and the mounting for this if I pick this up you can see the wrap all the way around it I just bent those around out of the strapping material they’re bolted down here you can see that gives us a nice frame and a mount off all of this so you see here at the end I have a simple piece this is PVC pipe slightly heated up so I can fit it over the pipe there the metal pipe for a barrel and that PVC fits nice and snug inside the copper elbow right here and that copper extension I’ve got an oversized fitting that fit right down over the fire extinguisher mount there really well gave us a perfect set up here to mount barrel off and I’m gonna show you how to load it so I just pulled that all the way out I slide it forward it gives us a nice stop we’ve got a blowgun Dart here if I can get the alignment right just set it down inside the barrel stick it in there slide the thing back and it just takes one quick press and it seals in there and we’re ready to go so there you go that’s a simple way you can build the barrel setup and a way to have it so it slides you can load your ammo that’s also how you can mount it directly to the fire extinguisher at the copper down here at the end of the fire extinguisher you can see I drilled and tapped for an air fitting it’s a very thin aluminum a lot thinner and I thought it was going to be so I wasn’t able to get as many threads as I like so if you got a fire extinguisher you use one a little thicker so you can get one of those older ones that are built better but here we can just snap the fitting on refill our air or leave the air line which we’re gonna do here in a moment just leave the air line attached and shoot it multiple times over and over again because once you let go of the trigger the valve shuts it refills if I flip it over for you and you’ll notice here it says 100 psi and on how clear you’re gonna be able to see that up there me zoom in for you that’s 100 so we got 0 100 and right here it says 200 psi on this gauge so we can actually measure our shots out right here from the gauge and the fire extinguisher up to 200 psi and I wouldn’t push it anywhere past that I’m going right to the edge of the green here for each one of my shots and they’re obviously very very powerful alright so now I want to show you the stock setup here you can just see it’s this two pieces if I flip it up on top this is two pieces that flat stock sandwiched all the way down I have is some pieces of aluminum in there that are just giving it a nice even spacing all the way down there you can see that the strapping here the pieces of strap act as our handle so we can actually put something on here this a little more ergonomic to hold on to but for now this works fine for shooting it you can hold your trigger well and just pull the trigger like I showed you so now I want is it’s going to go down it you can see here at the very end of it I’ve got just a butt plate screwed on into the aluminum I put a little curve at the end of the butt plate says some flat stock then it gives me a simple stock in there to put against my shoulder you can see here the gap in the aluminum the aluminum block there between the two pieces of steel the other part here I want to show you before we go to shoot it it’s right here I added a blade site like this right here so I’ve just got an extra piece of flat stock steel sandwiched in between if I can get the angle just right there you can see a couple of washers on either side and that piece of flat stock for a blade site sandwiched in between the strapping going around the compressed air tank that we’re using okay so what you see here in front of you is our Wilson log once again and this time you can see the standoffs behind it there this time I’ve got a piece of Plexiglas screwed to the face of it I’ll put the standoffs there to reduce the amount of flex that the Plexiglas would give because the more flex obviously the more energy this is gonna absorb from our darts I pulled out the safety glasses off the log here I just wanted to show you just how deep those darts were penetrating after going through that safety glass you can watch that in the beginning of the video those are exactly where the wires were the bends there and the wire from the impacts so that’s a pretty deep penetration obviously something that you don’t want to mess with this is very very dangerous and I thought these safety glasses do a much better job stopping these and you’ll notice here I may not have showed in the original video these are little tiny solid steel broadhead darts and they were going right through those and so you can see here I’ve got the air line directly hooked into our tank that’s just a male to male fitting here between the two chucks and if I look at the gauge here we’re slowly rising we’re about up to 100 psi and hopefully there you can see the needle slowly rising towards that 100 psi marker it’ll let it load up just a little bit more here we’re gonna open up our barrel I’ve got a bunch of darts made added some extra cone to them since they don’t fit naturally in the barrel it’s not a blowgun barrel that we’re using so let me go ahead set up the camera we’re gonna take some shots of this at that plexiglass all right I hope this angle is okay so it’ll give you some of the impact to end it will give you some of the penetration in the shot I’ll set up the camera a couple different angles here and see if we can get some better shots from this let’s take some of our first shots now [Music] [Music] hi folks here’s from a little bit different angle hopefully this will show up better on the film here we go going right through that thing today alright folks so here’s some of the wires that we shot into the plastic here you can see one down here just barely sticking through the plastic it almost went all the way through popped the end of the cone off of there most all the wires are destroyed after impacting through that plastic and into the 4×4 as you can tell here delivering most of the energy into the bend of the metal but it’s definitely penetrating the last shots here these cones will not have any tape or anything to make them a little oversize they fit in the barrel better but I want to try it out just to see how well it works so I want to take a few shots like that so here we go there we go [Applause] well until next time I hope you enjoyed this is mr. Tesla nian This is one elegant component!!
Homemade Compressed
My interesting grandma says this plugin is very unbelievable. This is my homemade compressed “Air Rifle” shooting Blowgun darts. This simple unit is very powerful, and was made from a fire extinguisher and other easy to find materials.